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  1. That may be the problem. I'm reviewing this as well and try to come up with some safeguards to get rid of those SA-15, In the development of this campaign that's not how they used to react.
  2. I'll check and see how the AI is doing on those missions. Without the reports from you guys I can't catch whatever happens after all the updates in DCS. Better to tell me if a mission is messed up after you fly it then get frustrated and fly 3 4 of them. I can't humanely check all of them. I tried once and pretty much ended up up having a heart attack.
  3. Sometimes you are getting calls that pilots are down and if you know how to monitor guard freq you can listen to their beepers, but, as in reality, you are not going to be able to do anything about it. It's just for immersion. Most likely you are not patient enough that signal comes when all the sites are hit enough to allow you to survive. It also might be DCS bug, I'll check that mission. I'll have to see if this is another bug, the signal is given when the F-18's are taking down the SA-15's This is DCS's AI. Something I can't control, these missions have been tested and have worked properly at the release. When bugs like this are reported I'm trying to tweak them to allow the AI to do better, but sometimes, that's how AI works. There's not a whole lot I can do about it. It's way way over my head this one. I call BS on this one. Out of 3 missions on Tarawa, there are 2 with an empty deck where you have crew and the last one with a deck that's quite full where, for the sake of framerates in VR i decided to take the crew out. The other carrier is a SC should have crew on it no matter what. again, another thing that I cannot control Will be added as soon as the AV-8B will leave Beta and Razbam won't tinker with the engine. Engine performances changed and your TOTE has to change too. I didn't consider it a show stopper this one. Cheers,
  4. SorelRo

    Future plans.

    Yeah, I'm at mission 13 out of 15 there are altogether 32 pages of dialogue in this one. This will turn into a novel.
  5. Sorry for the late response. A new version of the mission 6 is available here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cFSyIi8522wiQcJGSpj79WRZb9BElV8g?usp=sharing Just replace it in your campaign folder that's under: \DCS World\Mods\campaigns\F-5E Black Sea Resolve '79 I'll submit it to ED as well. Cheers,
  6. Do you have any mods? Is it crashing at the same spot? I'll try to reproduce it. Cheers,
  7. So, when I tested this campaign, and when it was sent to the testers, this mission never failed. F-14's would sweep the skies clear, having the skies clear would bring another set of dialogues and interactions in that mission. Now, with the latest changes introduced it looks like there's some problems with how quick the F-14's are engaging and how quick they are dealing with the fighters, not to mention that the Phoenix may be broken again. I can't balance this in a way where you still feel like you are part of a bigger war, and yet having to pretend like the war around doesn't exist. It's a pain to deal with this. I'll see if I can adjust this mission in any way. Cheers,
  8. The F-4's and Mig-21's. the F-14's don't deal with them in your case? Are you on CB, OB or Stable?
  9. I'll post a link with an update mission at the end of the day here PST. This will be sent to ED as well. It was a mistake I made at the last update. Sorry.
  10. Hi, I checked this one and it works for me. You have to survive and the F-14 CAP has to deal with the fighters. What problems are you experiencing? Cheers,
  11. Most likely some AI is bugged or not doing what they supposed to be doing. I'll check it today and let you know. Kinda fighting a loosing battle here
  12. Try the one that comes with the module first. It's more of a training campaign.
  13. SorelRo

    Future plans.

    Hello folks, Just a quick update on some future plans. Right now I am working on a campaign for our beloved UH-1 Huey. This will happen on the same theater of the Black Sea Resolve, the timeline is a bit different though, the whole campaign starting in the winter and will continue throughout the whole conflict. This campaign will be focused more on Spec Ops, FAC, RESCAP and all the nice tasks that the Huey had to to and go through. Since this happens in 1979 it will be the Huey's Swan Song before being replaced by the Black Hawk. This will be a 15 mission campaign and right now i'm at mission 11 in the development stage. I might need some testers if any of you guys are good with the Huey. As I'm waiting for the F-4 to be released. I think I will revisit the F-5 in a scenario in the Marianna's islands. Cheers,
  14. Just trying to balance it a bit better for those moments when your AI wingmen are not engaging as needed. This is for a few missions, not all of them. It wasn't communicated properly. No big changes for now. Just ......tinkering I guess.
  15. Hello, Couple of things here. In this campaign I'm assuming that the player can navigate properly they way you would have to in those conditions, without too many radio aids you will have to navigate, quite accurately, using visual references. The trigger zones are big enough for a seasoned player to reach. They are either 2 miles wide or rectangular zones that are bigger. Now, the missions you are talking about, mission 9, there should be 3 bombers there and not 4. If you could double check the mission number I would check it for bugs. Keep in mind that the last DCS update may have been introduced some bugs in the way AI is flying and following waypoints and the way they push from one waypoint to another. I'm waiting for this to be fixed. As for goals, primary, you need to land and be stopped, you speed should be under 5 kts. Also, some missions, I didn't want to put goals that are strictly related to what you destroy. For example. In a CAP mission or intercept. the key is to not let the enemy bombers to reach their target and drop ordinance. So, the victory conditions are calculated on the ground troops being alive. If you destroy those bombers after they reach their targets the mission will not count. This is more close to how a success would be counted in real life operations. However, due to changes in the DCS AI this may break sometimes, so if there's a mission where you feel like you did everything right and it's not working feel free to drop me a note or post a bug report here and I'll check it. Unfortunately I can't check each mission after a DCS update. Cheers,
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