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  1. Have you turned off usb power saving for the Crosswinds ? If i remember correctly this has to be done for each controller .
  2. Your options are to run 90hz at an effective fps of 45 with motion smoothing making up the difference and lowered graphics settings , or run 60hz with motion smoothing only kicking in on airfields or the supercarrier , and higher graphics settings . Personally , i run 60 hz and quite high graphics settings , with decent headroom on both the cpu and gpu for smooth play under all circumstances . But some are bothered by flickering in 60 hz mode , although i don't see it . Try both , and see what works for you .
  3. The 6750xt is similarly priced , and offers a 12-1/2 % boost in memory throughput , helpful to vr .
  4. No . I'm suggesting that you use the DCS aa settings , with the values noted above .
  5. Actually motion smoothing works very well for me . It is motion reprojection that i find problematic . I run the G2 at 60 hz , which allows native hz everywhere except on airfields and the supercarrier , when i seamlessly transition to 30 smoothed .
  6. When i was running Nvidea , the only NCP setting i found helpful was "prefer maximum performance" . DCS msaax2 and ssaa 1.5 did away with almost all of the sparklies in pancake mode . If you're running track ir , you'll want to optimise your graphics settings to maintain (and lock) 60 or 120 hz in worst-case scenarios for smooth panning performance .
  7. I've had an excellent experience with the 6800xt and a G2 . Be sure to set your minimum clock speed to 100-200 less than the maximum clock to prevent micro-stutters . And the AMD overclocking settings are not to be feared . I have them all set to near-max and still don't see greater than 70° in stress tests at an ambient of 70 F . I'm also running a slight undervolt and boosted fan curve . Of course this is dependent on how effective your card and case cooling is ...
  8. Regarding the second question-yes ! I bind as many commands to the Hotas switches as possible , and use VoiceAttack for others . That allows you to speak your commands e.g. "gear up" .
  9. Cell-based headsets use accelerometers , which only provide 3Dof compared to the 6 of "real" headsets . Among other things , this means you cannot "lean in" to read an instrument , for example . Bad idea for DCS , especially when you can get a used Lenovo Explorer ,Rift S , or G1 for $100 , $150 or $200 respectively .
  10. There is a Winwing sectionn in the input/output subforum where you can find answers to your questions . Pricey ? Even more than you think as WW ships each component separately .
  11. Not trying to be argumentative , but my 6800xt does quite well with the Reverb at 60hz . I run native hz almost all the time (and spend a lot of time very low) , and motion smoothing kicks in seamlessly on airports and the supercarrier , all this at quite high DCS settings , including msaa and shadows , and with plenty of headroom , both cpu and gpu (typically run 12-13 msec on both cpu and gpu anywhere very low in the Caucasus) . I could hardly ask for a better VR experience , and i suspect that 4k would do at least as well , though i can't say definitively as i don't have (or want) a 4k monitor .
  12. It is not a DCS mod to be sure , but it certainly is a mod . I have followed this thread quite closely , and need not to be educated as to what it's discussing .
  13. I'm quite happy with my 3d on AMD , but cannot comment on the mod .
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