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  1. Hi @Ansirial, thanks for above answer! Appreciated! Have a great day.
  2. Hi, Another question: Can we possibly download / dump our stats from the logbook into a e.g. csv or txt file? Thanks!
  3. Great, thank you so much for considering and for your kind answer.
  4. Hi! I just discovered this great website / tool but am not yet able to automatically bring my offline flights into the log. Where may I find the parser, please? Still, I found the parser: it's on the website in the profile / download section Is there anything to be considered to automatically track the stats from DCS without a manual upload after each flight (online / offline)? Many thanks in advance!!
  5. Absolutely and 100%worth it for me. Also currently mainly flying SP / offline. A blast and pure fun to fly!
  6. Absolutely loving it so far! Control inputs seem quite different from other helo-modules but after acouple minutes feel quite good. I feel it will become my favorite module besides my beloved Tomcat...
  7. Are we "in middle", "in close" or "at ramp"?
  8. Hello, Is anyone else sometimes(!) getting an error when trying to connect to Multiplayer? - Integrity Check fail? Unfortunately, I cannot(yet) reproduce it and tell, what triggers it because sometimes it works and Integrity Check passes... Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  9. That’s also my latest knowledge / guess but I still hope for good news in the course of the current updates…
  10. Hi, Just a kind question: Would anyone know if there are still any plans at all to add the missing „Rüstsätze“ to the 109 in future? Quoting the official DCS manual, page 25: “Additional Rüstsätze, or equipment kits, such as a 300 L (80 US gal) drop tank (R III), bombs up to the size of 500 kg/1,100 lb. (R I), underwing 20 mm Mauser MG 151/20 cannon gondola pods (R IV) or 21 cm (8 in) Wfr.Gr. 21 rockets (as on the Gustav models) could be carried after minimal preparations“ Thanks!
  11. @philstyle Thanks Phil and all. Even though I was not yet joining the server (still learning the ropes of WW2 birds), I truly enjoyed your videos for entertainment, inspiration and education purpose. I would love if you would re-consider and bring them back online at YouTube. Good luck for your next project!
  12. +1 insta-buy / day one purchase as well
  13. Hi, Are there any news on this topic? - can we already somehow use Freya(?) as EWR? If not, are there any known workarounds to get e.g. a modern EWR (like 55G6 or 1L13) working for the WW2 aircrafts? Thanks! Edit: Partly solved by setting 55G6 and / or 1L13 to 40MHz and receiving their messages on incoming planes in my Bf-109 now... Still Freya does not "recognize" any incoming planes for me and calls "Clear"...
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