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  1. hey I’ve refused to go the Microsoft way trying to avoid Xbox and windows where I can. I have a old cheese crater Mac Pro and an old MacBook Pro plus all the iOS devices iPhone,iPad Pro and Apple Watch plus two older iPads and iPhone that are out of date and use. I do have an Acer Predator 17X laptop with 6 tb of hard drive space and 64 gb of ram. That I run my sims on since msfs and dcs will not run on a Mac. I have xplane on it for vr flights I just got msfs and have actually flown a single flight yet I’ve us ai to fly a couple. In your statement above you say Xbox and warthog combo. Is this a Xbox controller and a warthog controller or do you run dcs on your Xbox somehow with the warthog controller? If you do run it on the Xbox how does it run? Better than a pc since it’s a risk computer? I’m un educated on the Xbox since I never even play on one.
  2. Saha it’s Blackey I have ordered a lot from you in the past. One thing I ordered and never received was a one piece extension to replicate a huey for the warthawg stick   I also need the electrical cable one piece for the two extensions I have one electrical extension cable for both the extensions when used as one plus a cable fot the huey extension as I refer to it it the same cable can be used for both great if not then I’ll pay for two.  Please send me these items ASAP to Michael White, 1090 Hwy 70W, lot 43, Alamogorodo,New Mexico 88310 USA.  Send me a PayPal request for what I owe you. I’m getting better thus getting back in to simming.

  3. I’m using the same as virusam at the moment and have since it arrived back in2017. But my pit I wish to be a vr pit which by swapping this and that go from a fighter to a helicopter to a bush plane to a airliner to a racing car. And since I have an abondance of gear I can have the following setups at a minimum I’ll keep it to dcs and xplane since they are the two sim I run for flying and nascar for raising. setup 1 a-10c 2 mfds warthod throttle warthawg stick thrustmaster pendulum peddels buddy ox setup 2 f-16 2mfds cougar throttle cougar stick tpp pedals Setup 3 huey warthawg stick on two extensions outdated max flight collective tpp pedals setup 4 bush plane honeycommb alpha. Honeycomb beta or one of the other throttles thrustmaster pedals setup5 airliner honeycomb alpha and beta thrustmaster pedals setup 6 race car using nascar thrustmasrer stearing wheel with paddle shifter and brackets and acceleration pedal my current equipment inventory includes but isn’t restricted to these: ‘Thrustmaster Warthawg HOTAS Thrustmaster Cougar HOTAS Thrustmaster TPR Pedals ‘Honeycomb Alpha Yoke Honeycomb Beta Throttle Quadrant Max-Flight outdated collective Max-Flight outdated cyclic Pro Flight Trainer Puma Saitek yoke Saitek throttle quadrant x2 saitek pedals Saitek comm panel x2 Saitek Multi painel Saitek Switch Panel Saitek Enunciater Panel BuddyBox UFC ANother button box that once I locate it I will list it here oculus rift s vr system the computer system is and has been waiting to build as my hands are not up to the task. ‘the monitor will be listed later as I locate it’s info in the mean time my Azusa predator 17 laptop will contine to host the sims. I’ll list my headset if I can find their info ok I have several electrical mods for the warthawg and cougar hotas i have cap to glove system to tryout ihave another hand tracking vr system the warthawg throttle has already been moved for the slew button to improve it tremendously when I. Setup for each configuration I’ll try and remember to photograph it and post it plus list the complete list of items that got us there. The past of the pit is Speedmaster Flight seat and framework. The one thing I’ve done so far for my convenience was to build a wooden platform to raise everything up. once each setup is posted here I’ll will organize and expand what each would be good for like swapping out the yoke in the bush pilot setup with a stick and maybe relocating the throttle you have a perfect setup for another lightweight bush plane that uses a stick instead of a yoke. And if I get in to,flying left handed stick planes I may invest in the newer thrustmaster airbus controls. Right now the Saitek stuff is in storage I guess based on the monitor I might use some of the panels that are not available elsewhere but the yoke and pedals will go up for sail allow with the one throttle and hotas stick a throttle I could never get to work . I will also let you know the exact mods each setup uses.
  4. this will be a single user/mode to begin with so until I completed the single user stuff I’m not concerned with the multicrew or multiple server mods. this will hopefully correct most of the problems I incurred my last time out trying to do everything at once. I learned the best flow for dcs was select your aircraft in my case the huey, then fly all the tutorials that come with dcs and any other training tutorials that either expand on the internal ones or are not included in dcs. So now you can fly your aircraft. Fly all the missions included and or purchased or downloaded this will inhance your ability in the aircraft. Once you maxed out what you can do in single player mode move to server mode after learning and creating several single player mode missions each adding more realism and complexity to the next one. On the server fly missions that fit in your ability all ways work your way up. In difficulty. The best option would join a flight training group where the run you thru a series of missions each building on the previous just like the flight schools. Once graduated or completed each level of training then find you a squad to fly with regularly. They will have some intial training then once you completed that you’ll will be entered into the squads training regiment once you hit a trained level they will use you in that role until they feel you are ready to move on etc But what I wish to do here is have a checklist type post for installing dcs and mod ‘addon inn a logical order that works time in time out as you might need them. So please help. I have found that installing this befiore that can cause problems. I don’t recall the specifics as it was a year ago and one of the reasons I dropped out until now. I am trying to get back in to FltSim and DCS. I know the first step is obviously installing and getting DCS up to date . step 1 install and update DCSWorld What would step 2 be install update and configure VoiceAttack and/or Viacom Is this the next step it seems like the one for me since I’m going to need the fuctions for everything else. Let’s install all the single player mods and addon here first then we will do a section on multiplayer servers then finally squadron type mods in the third section. Section 1 Single Player Mode: A) install Digital Combat Simulator a) Setup DCS by updating either the beta or full version to the latest version b) configure DCS for you machine and equipment ** at this point you should be able to fly DCS with your hotas and keyboard with mouse not to immersive is it. B} install VoiceAttack a} train speak module b} build your voice functions one at a time starting with simple one first the next the more complex functions and finially the most advanced functions. c) install Viacom d) learn Viacom e) tweak Viacom * mods I own at one time were VoiceAttack,Viacom, combat flight, lotatc, ovgme plus others I can not recall right now. * my mistake last time was I jumped in both feet first and not doing it a step at a time and I know the former wasn’t the correct way to go do it a step at a time. This time I hope to learn the better and correct way. please add your input if it is applicable I’ll add it to the checklist with your credit applied. So please help in a positive way. I realize this may not be for you but it might be handy if you have an unreversable system crash or a buddy seen you fly and wants his on setup and trying to remember what order to add what addon/mod. I’m sure very few will follow my training plan. But I tried going from taking the huey off flying it around and landing to multiple player servers and joining a squadron or two to find out I was out of my element. The squadron is there to teach you to fly with them the way they do it not the stuff you should have learned in single player mode. Think of single player mode at the worst your flight school the missions and stuff as your second level training. IMO the basic , intermittent and advance flight training missions were available for each airframe that would be great do single player tutorials, training missions the if possible 3rd party training missions then go on the multiplayer server and practice practice practice that how you get totyour goal.tyia
  5. I’ve been away lately whats the timeline on the Kiowa?
  6. Has a wag been set for its release
  7. I haven’t loaded up dcs in around a year or two except to load it on my pc when I upgraded the hd system and I ran in to problems with the new vr headset and that was months ago. The ac that pulled me in to the dcs world was the huey. I flew it almost exclusively for a year or so until I took I’ll. Now have they got the multiplayer working in the huey Ie two player in the same ac. Which would be great for training imo. Also any thing that might be new to me?
  8. I would be willing to print everything once I get my printer setup if you’ll build me a Kiowa collective once you finish yours.
  9. I’d prefer a complete version and not to ease unpaid tester or rather than a paying customer who ends up being a tester
  10. I’ve been a way for some time and I’m not up to speed on the Kiowa so has a first release date been said yet?
  11. Normally people setup up their hotas one or two ways. Take the tm warthog hotas and you started with the A-10 module so you mimicked the Warthog’s buttons on the hotas that way what you sre you get then they switch to the f-16 they have a decision to make on the stick the throttle is a little harder. That is either configure the f-16 commands to mimic the a10s so muscle memory takes over or reconfigure it to mimic the viper and learn everything all over again. Me I have different controllers that I use depending on the module the huey gets the center mounted warthog stick mounted to the floor with extensions, a collective from MaxFlight and the tm tpr pedals I mimic the buttons as close as possible. The viper gets a side mounted cougar stick, the cougar throttle and the tm tpr pedals. The A-10 gets the warthog ctr stick, warthog throttle and the tm tpr pedals. You see I do mine based on simulating the modal as well as I can . Not every module that uses muscle memory like the way chucks guides show you. I know not everyone has or can afford different controlers for each setup I was just lucky to be at the right place at the right time and could afford them and as a vr -pilot needs feel over muscle memory. It is taking a while to accumulate everything and even longer the ability to get it working which is still in progress. Been slowed down by my health. But as I lay here it gives me time to construct my pit just the way I like it.
  12. What service would you prefer to fly under the usaf or sun/usmc. I myself being retired usaf prefer their jets so if you like the viper get it there are way more that 2 tutorials unless your referring to training missions then I’m not sure how many of them they are and I’m sure it varies depending on the map. If you want to do. Carrier landings then the f-18 might be you cup of tea unless you have a buddy that wants to be your wsp or vice versa. Look at the mission tutorials for each jet.
  13. Add a dampner to the tpr pedals said to be a great mod for authentic feel. I’m still need to pickup the mounting hardware for mine haven’t been feeling well lately.
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