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  1. Hi, Hoping for some help During air start mission, I want the LEFT MFD to display following page.... HSI>WAYPOINTS>AUTO At mission start Anyone know how to do this in ME? Thanks in advance Stevie
  2. Hi, Im looking to purchase a games monitor to capture video footage from DCS. Im UK based so will purchase from Amazon or Scan etc I usually play in VR so the monitor is for video capture only. Im running a new 3090, 32gb set up. Not looking to spend big money so budget around £400-£700 Any links would be most appeciated too. Cheers Steve
  3. Incirlik parking slot bug. The bug was caused by hot start f-15c (ai). Its parking slot after landing was set to one of the (dispersal) parking areas slot (SYRIA, INCIRLIK, NORTH WEST, PARKING SLOT 114/115) - see images for Incirlik below... Also, their was no RED or GREYED out options in the units waypoint actions - these often appear to show that one of the actions is not working or not applicable in some way. Thanks
  4. FIXED!!! Thats great work! Through your advice I looked through mission file (unzipped mission.miz) - identified the culprit. An f-15C unit, deleted some waypoint commands and its now working again - interestingly nothing in the ME or unit showed as RED or GREYED OUT to identify there was any problem with a unit command so I had no idea what the problem was?? I suspect I had set the unit to park in a dispersal slot at Incirlik on landing which may have caused the issue. Maybe these dispersal slots are only to be used for hot starts and not parking for returning aircraft? Thanks for much for your excellent help, you' saved me much distress!
  5. Hi, Mission keeps crashing during load up from ME. Crashes during OBJECT SPAWN. Have attached logs. I have some WWII assets in the mission although I dont know what they are so cant remove them even though ive looked at WWII assetts list. Use of many statics in the mission like rail wagons, ground crew too Please help so i can finish asap Regards dcs.log.old dcs.log dcs.20220419-122852.crash
  6. Could just be me but I reckon that Aero IS NOT working correctly with DCS and will reqiure a manufacturers patch to get rid of the distortions AND fishbowel effect thing that going on.
  7. Out of interest do you have any controllers, if so which? Thanks for the fast response. I have ordered another HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0 I think that should solve the problem. Keep you posted
  8. I have ran the Wm debug tool - thanks guys Out of interest what and how many base stations are you guys using with Varjo Aero? I'm using one HTC Vive Pro SteamVR Base Station 2.0 which I thought would be fine. In DCS the image sometimes flashes, goes black when moving my head around. Maybe I need another base station? DCS Load up screen flickers when launching. When in DCS the view POV is jittery and juddery - got to be tracking right?
  9. The textures on the external of the aircraft are surreal, they are so clear it seems lifelike. Caucasus map still looked a little Minecraft-like at 1200 noon with full sun - however the lines around buildings and stuff are straight and smooth not jaggedy like on the Rift S. Seemed much brighter and lifelike too. Biggest bug so far, the time it takes for the headset to kick back in after lifting it to scratch my head, bit slow and annoying.
  10. Hi, Just received my new pc and VR (Stormforce 3090 and Varjo Aero). I have migrated from GTX 1080ti/Oculus Rifts system. Ive got the VR set up and running and it all seems fine. I can use the Varjo desktop tool no probs, its nice. However when I run DCS, it flickers on start up and I get this weird juttery movement when I move my head around (which renders it unusable). I am using x1 SteamVR wireless basestation which I heard from VR Flight Sim Guy should be fine. Maybe this is a tracking problem, im not sure? In DCS however the view is really clear, bright and solid. Cant wait to get it up and running properly. I cant find much help around at the moment although I have raised a support flag with Varjo. Obviously for the price tag im expecting a helo support drop at any moment by the Varjo SF team. Can any Varjo users help? Also, All of my drivers are up to date. Cheers
  11. Hi, I get this issue usually when the GTX driver needs updated. Check Nvidea Experience CP for an update.
  12. Hi Rudel, Thanks got the link now, appreciate it Struggling to install. I think whats needed are some simple instructions... Links to all files Install locations (with and without OVGME MOD manager) Tried about 20 times now, sick of reading through 2 or 3 long posts with contradictory info. Someone please make it simple - Im a northerner Thanks
  13. I cant seem to find the links which is why im asking for them. When I access one of them it goes to google drive link that doesnt work.
  14. Hi, I think my VPC Airfield Equipment MOD is out of date as I cant get any missions working that use it. Read, searched and googled the same 3/4 threads and made no progress. Can someone please post a link to the MOD and any update required to make it run 2.7+? Thanks in advance
  15. Ha excellent, its flying therapy! Thanks for letting me know, now im smiling
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