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  1. Last night I did a training mission with the harrier from Port Stanley, ti mount pleasure Raf airbase. It caught my eye many hill ridges are scattered with dark big stones rows. What is that??
  2. We want another thread of yours explaining the "preventing forward displacement of TM rudder pedals" sir!!!
  3. I really envy people who are good at soldering and 3d design. I own both a solder and 3d printed, they are collecting dust ever since I bought them. Amazing job sir
  4. 90fps, what a dream I sometimes see 80 when flying very very high and barely any units involved. Regarding maps, I created a new profile with flat shadows and other details for Marianas or Syria
  5. Did you fire up dcs with mirage f1 selected at least once so it gets registered by SSA?
  6. I use this software to feed two shakers on my pedal plate. Is I want to attach other two units to the back of my flight chair, could I use another soundcard and amp, or is mandatory Changing to a 5.1 setup with a single soundcard and run the cables from the pedal plate to the chair?
  7. Fine tuning the effects volume, I´m running 7V .After taking off, some effects remain active. It doesn´t happen on ground. I alt tab and click/unclick effects, but nothing works. Even when I press ESC, and change to other windows, the vibration keeps going. Export file issue? SSA + simshaker sound module. No vibration at sound module though, it´s only the jetseat. How could I active the logs? verbose?
  8. sorry I didn´t check the video. how did you attach the bass shaker to the DM material of the chair? I discovered by accident my screws had gone bigger and wider against the drill hole, and the shaker felt off.
  9. You sure you want to sell the thing as a full package?
  10. That´s the one I bought for greasing my TM Cougar throttle: Silverhook silicone grease water proof P/N SGPGT90 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silverhook-SGPGT90-Silicone-Grease-Tube/dp/B00W6Q3B1G For about 10€
  11. I always wondered if G2 software allows for keyboard shortcuts or voice command to turn on/off retroprojection. Like your regular flying at 45fps locked, then a bandit appears, ghosting eveywhere, you press/speak and fps are unlocked and no ghosting. Once you down the bandit, back to 45fps. is that doable? I think oculus software tray tool allows that. what I strongly disagree is any size monitor offering a similar level of inmersion
  12. Regarding using the rift s in the dark, I bought an ir led lamp for about $30 and you could play perfectly
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