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  1. Black is better. Did your remove Jetseat patch?
  2. does the UFC have working displays? If that´s positive, did they consider a VR version as well?
  3. Since hostilities began, Andre has had some issues with payment, some guys even used crypto. I don't know at what point he's at currently
  4. I dont follow your way of thinking too much. And please let me doubt your x45 is working fine after 22 years of usage, not to mention there are alternatives for hotas, and not for the items we mention here, ffedback units for ass and lumbar areas
  5. Hi there sir. Would you care sharing some pics of that installation? I have several shakers around, small Dayton exciters and regular bs200. Did you check if the shaking modifies the joy axis hall sensor signal?
  6. With that pricetag and being so especific, I wouldn't go that way sir, I'm sorry.
  7. bright side, thankfully there is one guy, who took over gametrix legacy and kept on improving, building and maintaing those things, otherwise they would be a relic from the past. also, check SRS shaker systems for simracing, I think the software (which license is WAY more expensive than Simshaker) works for both simracing and flight sims, and they come from USA https://www.simracingstudio.com/
  8. Its quite unusual, users with units working properly don't usually open threads From what I have read, sometimes the vibrator axis dries and gets stuck, that's why lubing is the standard response
  9. did you check the connector to the board? sometimes users have lubed the vibrators and they have come to life again
  10. Some pricetags would streamline the process, sir
  11. Contact him by other means, i read somewhere there are issues with payment but it can be done
  12. Your attention for detail is superb
  13. It should be stated the other way around; all modules work on Open Beta, but not all modules work on Stable. On my opinion life is too short to fly Stable, go for it
  14. does the vest bother you to fly long sesions >1hr flight time? are you coding yourself the app to read DCS telemetry and sending effects to the various shakers accordingly?
  15. what works for me is when the joy is at the center position with no input, my arm rests over my right thigh
  16. Well DCS runs well on your first example, so your last paragraph is somehow biased, we could agree that under certain conditions, DCS VR performance, is far from perfect. I´m certain you ran the test previously, but what are your fps when single player, multiple aircraft and ground units, Syria map?
  17. It's properly answered on the second post; realsimulator stuff is truly unmatched. The fssb bases have been around for about 20 years I think. It's top quality.
  18. add some key rings Remove before flight stuff
  19. Upps really? Because I had this very same issue a few weeks ago and solved it that way.
  20. Strongly disagree. I bought a brand new unit well into the mid 2000s, and apparently came from a "less quality" batch. It was a total nightmare, electronical issues all the way. Sold it by 30 €. Bought a second hand Warthog, that was sold by 2016 when I quit DCS. Came back to DCS by 2018, bought another second hand Warthog, which I still use but the disgusting base. When DCS Viper was released, began looking for a second hand Cougar. Insane pricetags. Finally got one. Joy and base are obviously unsuable, they are so worn. It´s patiently waiting for a cheap FSSB alternative. Throttle in bad condition as well, so I spent 50€ upgrading the PCB, hall sensor for axis and converting it to USB standalone. Amazing stuff built by a German user, no soldering required. Some grease helped too. Now it´s a great functional piece of hardware. Foxy software still gives me chills. Never understood that software. I don´t use TARGET either. Both overcomplicate things, and with DCS we have plenty of options. During these years, several brands have raised to the challenge of building and selling amazing hardware: VKB, Virpil, Winwing (Realsimulator are out of this league IMHO), luckily for users. Both VKB and Virpil already got a very decent reputation. With Winwing you can check on this very same forum the skeptcism they received when announcing a new Hornet HOTAS from China, and compare those comments with current reviews, they promised and really delivered. The last episode of that career is the amazing reviews and feedback they are getting from the F-16 HOTAS, especially the Throttle unit. Meanwhile TM has released a Hornet stick (which my unit came faulty by the way), waaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced pendular pedals and applied a blue layer of paint over some TM16000 stock sticks to resell them like brand new Airbus. Oh and again, repacked some 10 year old Warthog base and sticks to sell them as Viper base and sticks, very convenient for the DCS Viper release. So long story short, TM was the way to go 20 years ago, but not anymore. Others are building better HOTAS with decent pricetag
  21. cool, didn´t know we have this option as far as I know, no, both systems complement each other
  22. Make sure you have installed Gametrix JetSeat control panel. Open the app and by the left side of the window, choose USB mode, and then check the USB manual control tick. Then your remote control knob will control the general volume of effects. And have fun
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