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  1. Hi! It isn't planned to be that criticial, in the next patch updatae it will start reducing engine power after 45 minutes under 35m agl. So it wouldn't be that critical.
  2. 35m agl, yes on the ground it counts too! The fix will be in the next possible patch.
  3. Hi! Thank you, in the next update there will be another change, it won't be tracking through hills anymore!
  4. It's fixed internally, something broke with the update sorry!
  5. It's not a bug from polychop since I can do it on my side. It has to be something related to your startup procedure.
  6. Try not bounding it to an axis, and do it manually with buttons, so you have the fuel lever full 100% forward, 99% won't make it work.
  7. Make sure the yellow lever is full forward, and if you have it bound to an axis make sure your axis is reaching the 100%. Add saturation to it so you make sure it does.
  8. If you have the fuel lever assigned to a physical axis, make sure it is getting to the 100%
  9. Disculpa, que es lo que no te funciona? porque no has especificado. Las misiones van en JuegosGuardados/Missions, tu módulo comprado no está ahí, está en la carpeta de instalación en la carpeta EagleDynamics/DCS/Mods
  10. It has been said already, now the focus was specially finishing FM, but that is something that is not noticeable by a screenshot or video. When there is something to be shown, it will be. Just don't worry about it, the project keeps going.
  11. Do you have the throttle asigned to an axis? if that is so, that may be the cause because is not reaching the 100% value. Change the axis' saturation value.
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