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  1. Time of acceleration, top mach numbers, are not match the F-14 pilots said.
  2. The flight characteristics of transonic and supersonic are far from the reality +1
  3. Encountered the same issue just now. I decided to skip the mission again. sad.
  4. Same here. I have no VR device and CTD encountered 2 times like you guys said. Thus, I had to skip this mission to continue playing subsequence missions. I completed most of objectives of mission 7 after all.
  5. Damage Mechanisms of Ships in DCS is extremely unrealistic.
  6. I check it again, Labers opened over General Options, but not working on those Campaign Missions. Author @baltic_dragon please check it. Thanks.
  7. Yes I did. I always open the labels via General Options, but I didn't see labels neither. I will check it again later.
  8. Hello all, Personally speaking, I need labels for SA due to no track IR or VR. Labels should be reserved as a way to find target easily for novice players. I'm sorry for that I don't like to use track IR or VR for some reasons. Thanks.
  9. Plus, in this mission, on the Aerial refueling stage, 402 didn't go out so I couldn't refuel, and then I quited mission due to no out of fuel. All radio frequencies were correct of course.
  10. Personally, it should provide options for different players. I.e. for Soviet/Russian equipment, it should provide 2 choices to display names at least: Original Russian Names and NATO codes, for preference of players.
  11. Yes, the Blue Angels have replaced their F/A-18C, D by F/A-18E, F in 2021, and the VFC-12 has Aggressor F/A-18E as PLA Navy/Air Force mock up aircraft.
  12. The AWACS can be done as a RTS-like Command and Control Module. Base on that, it is need to re-build AI aircraft command mechanism not only AWACS itself. At least, the AI tactical level aircraft shoud not inferior to BMS 4.36.
  13. No need a "upgrade pack" make Hornet to Rhino. They are too much differences like you guys said. It is affordable that spend 100 dollars on F/A-18F Rhino.
  14. I like to hear that. I repeated thousand times on this forum that F/A-18F(block 1 is ok) is a "must to fly" aircraft for me as tomcat driver.
  15. I replayed this mission. This time, attack was completed, however, when I approached the carrier(within 20 miles), the game freezed for unknown reason, and game crashed to desktop, no trk file saved. Then I skipped this mission.
  16. I didn't save the trk file unfortunately. Should I replay this mission later?
  17. I entered Waypoint 2 and the Jester called "FORD 1 rendezvous", and I orbited near waypoint 2 for a long time, but I still didn't see the "proceed to the target" via F10 radio call(Abort strike was available). The question is that how many aircraft squads as "the whole package"should be gathered on waypoint 2 and then I can callout attacking? Or I missed something so I couldn't call for strike?(Radios were set in Button 1 and 14)
  18. My AIM-54C launched at 30,000ft towarding a co-attitude MiG-29, but climbed into 140,000ft and then missed the target ofc. It was not matched the real performance apparently I think. Which was the main reason contributed to this? The Missile CFD problem or guidence issue?
  19. I didn't read F-16 envelops or charts neither, unfortunately. That's why I posted this question.
  20. Note: this topic is not debating about "which one is better". My intention is checking how it matches the reality(or not). I watched this video, seen the F-16C overwhelmingly over-performing than F-14B in two-cycle BFM engagements. So, a question here, how accurately those scenarios match the reality? If so, what relatively suitable BFM tactics for F-14B(or A) fighting against F-16C are? IIRC, the GE-400 F-14B, D would not defeated by F-16 easily by sustaining turns or vertical maneuverings in real life.
  21. Did you mean press "ENTER" key after selecting the channel? I tried this just now, pressed "ENTER" on the UFC, and it worked.
  22. Question: Mission 2, how to get contact with RAPCON Arrival? I set the COMM 2 as 128.400, but unable to get contact with RAPCON Arrival via F10 radio menu. Screenshot see as below.
  23. +1 I believe this is necessary for Supercarrier module anyway.
  24. I'm not sure that any 3rd party(like Heatblur) has interest and capability to build a Full-Fidelity F/A-18F (Block 1 is ok). Theoretically, the Heatblur is able to port AI WSO technique into Rhino Foxtrot, so they should be one of the best candidnates to approach that.
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