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  1. Thanks pete_auau! Great video! Wayne
  2. Thanks for the update. Are the missions getting a little , or a lot, harder with everyone you complete? Cheers, Wayne
  3. pete_auau, I found and watched a YouTube video from the Grim Reapers and found the file along with downloaded it. Wayne
  4. pete_auau, Where do I find the DCS Liberation Dynamic Campaign One? I looked for it in the User Files and there are a lot there to look through, also on the DCS main site in E-Shop and didn't find it there either. I am finding more time to fly in DCS and starting to explore some user files and campaigns. A link here to that campaign would be a great help. Thanks in advance, Wayne
  5. I enjoy performing "Touch and Go's" at different airports before landing and taxiing back to park. Can we get this as an option on the ATC menu, please. Traffic would be really nice too! Thanks, Wayne Wilson
  6. Thanks for letting me know. I can still find my tanker with radar. It will get me using my radar more and becoming more familiar with it. Always a positive somewhere, just have to find it. Thanks, Wayne
  7. I have been working on my AAR, 70 registered in my logbook so far, and using TACAN to find my Herc for refuel, but now after tuning the correct TACAN station my F/A-18C doesn't find the TACAN. I can have the aircraft 0.5 nm off my nose and still nothing. How do I get this fixed? It worked before the last update and now not working. Wayne
  8. I have installed a small either ON-OFF-ON switch for my FIRE Guards and currently only one OFF-ON for my SPIN Recovery guard. It only takes a split second to flip the guard switch and push the required switch. It was quick and easy with only a small amount of deviation from the proper panel setup. It works for me. In the future I may move these the a special place, but like where they are now, I barely use them as I don't have failures running currently. The SPIN guard I have used when I played with that on a few flights. Happy Cockpit Building, Wayne F/A-18C Hornet Cockpit Builder
  9. Hi MINIMANZACK, I am currently running one Leo Bodnar BBI-32 and was hoping to phase this out of the cockpit build, but I might need to keep it for this along with APU Start and Engine Crank switches. I have those setup with one (ON)-OFF-(ON) switch for the Engine Crank and one OFF-(ON) switch for the APU Start. This allows them to appear as they are magnetic switches by already being in their OFF position when the switch turns off in DCS. Not perfect, but it gets the job done. I might explore your fix or use the two switches I already have setup from the Arduino attempt and connect them to the BBI-32 and get it working that way. Thanks for showing me how you have gone about dealing with this issue. I have heard that it is a problem with the proprietary code; they won't allow someone else to fix it and make our lives easier in our ultimate quest to have our cockpits built and functioning as we wish. Happy Cockpit Building, Wayne
  10. I am wondering if anyone else has these panels and having similar issues that I am encountering. My Video Record panel is plugged in to the back of the IFEI and the IFEI brightness control is acting as a very sensitive aileron trim control. Also, none of the switches work. I tried to switch its mode with pushing and holding the MODE switch while pushing the QTY UP key. The unit does flash to let me know that something has happened, but it is still the same. Is there a correct time to do this, like after powered up, but before getting in to the hornet or something else? I am also having a problem with DCS BIOS crashing on me at around 16 minutes after starting a flight. I had to load a different plugin for DCS BIOS to get the IFEI display to work properly and I think that is where the problem lies; that software has bugs in it. Can someone provide some guidance on how to correct this, if possible, so I can fly and enjoy my new cockpit additions. I have been emailing back and forth with Kieron at Tek Creations and they have been great, but I presume that they are on Christmas break and it could be a few days before I get word back from the email that I sent today. Cheers and Merry Christmas, Wayne Wilson
  11. It took me quite a while to get the hang of AAR and now have it, around 63 recorded in my logbook. I was trying for just over an half an hour and no matter how perfect it seemed, it just wouldn't plug in. I noticed that if I don't get the call "CLEARED CONTACT" I never became connected. Once I figured that little tid bit out than I plugged in easily. I found that I needed to be less then 0.2 miles in the HUD distance to TACAN channel to get that call "CLEARED CONTACT." Oh and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE worked too!!! I agree with some of the other statements on very gentle touch to the joystick and throttle. When I get close to the tanker (within a mile) I switch to two fingers and a thumb on my joystick and walk the throttles a bit here and there. My throttles are always moving somewhat. Getting the proper approach picture in your HUD will help to. I watched the YouTube video below and it helped a lot. Happy Flying and much success on AAR practicing. Don't get frustrated, it ain't easy until you get it! Wayne
  12. I am finally getting back in to training missions for the F/A-18C hornet and noticed that we have 6 missiles (2xAIM-9L and 4xAIM-9M), but only two drones are present. How do we get practice with only two targets? Six or even five targets would be nice to be able to play with the different ways to "LOCK" and "SHOOT" them down. This would be more beneficial than just two targets and have to reload the mission to shoot two more. I would call it 'Maximum practice with less load time." Maybe have two or three targets appear after the first two or three have been destroyed or figure something out that works. I understand that this is only a training mission, but the more you train, the better you are. Wayne
  13. I just tried this with one of my circuit breakers and it worked great. Thanks! Wayne
  14. Thanks for the information. I will give this a try the next time I get some time to test and get these circuit breakers working. Wayne
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