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  1. Go here https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301580/ and download. Worked for me.
  2. Left hand, 250knots 30AOB (depends on wind correction) Race track, 1 minute straight and level leg although you can turn before the one minute to make your commence time. However, I have got to the stack and flown a 360 at the 22DME to get on my commence time. Thatch
  3. Rather than drag it down, is there a way to have it down by the cockpit combing when it pops up? Thatch
  4. I am using Oculus Rift and have your last version. I took a screen shoot and get the same summary as Matthew. Had thought there was a AOA summary before, not just when hitting the grove. I followed some on-line advice, break at 1.5 miles (1.5g) for longer downwind to settle the aircraft. Now I am getting better I break at 1 mile and 2-3g. I wasn't chasing scores just trying to get AOA, distance right. Regards. Neil
  5. Bankler, thanks for a great training tool. Improving all the time with the help of this. For the F/A-18 (I haven't got the F-14) I have just noticed that there is no AOA score at the end once trapped and stopped (there is when entering the grove, only saw that on reply as I was concentrating). Also after the first trap and launch there is no detailed score, just the final score and wire hooked. I hope you don't mind but just one suggestion, it would be good to have the option of keeping the hook up so that we could fly multiple circuits without trapping and launching. Height, AOA, Speed etc are things most of us are working on and a score when flying back to 4NM would be easy to read. Thanks for the hard work. Neil
  6. I can switch the fuel dump switch on by clicking it but can't switch it off unless I rock the aircraft left/right or up/down. Using the keyboard it works fine. Neil
  7. Just an update. I sent the card back and they found a fault. SCAN DIAGNOSIS - Artifacting in heaven benchmark 4K ultra settings. Thanks for all the help. Neil
  8. I was hoping for a reply on this as well. Having been on Aerobatics online I have noticed that there are a lot of players that like to 'buzz' you when you are on the taxiway out but get it wrong and crash onto you. Even when you are refuelling from a tanker Having rearmed, started up the jet, entered the waypoints and on the taxiway you then have an explosion. I have just left the server and am reluctant to spend more time on it. Having the data cartridge would save a lot of time especially when there are long flights. Going on a separate idea. Anapa is over flowing with F/A-18s, perhaps move some down to Sochi, get a KC-130 down there. and move the carrier half way between. It's a pain having a Bf109 firing flares at the tanker trying to bring it down and SU-27s buzzing you while you are trying to land on the carrier. Neil
  9. Thanks Frederf and Diemos. Tried a 1050ti and although image quality is greatly reduced the shapes didn't appear. The 1080ti never went above 60c to my knowledge. Regards Neil
  10. Thanks very much for the reply with the information, I will try to get hold of another card to see if it happens again. Many thanks Neil
  11. After every update I get these weird shapes, all drivers and firmware are up to date. Just seems to happen after an update, I was on the multiplayer release today and it had been fine until I updated at the weekend. Many thanks Neil Windows 10 Intel® Core i7-7700K @4.20GHz Oculas Rift Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti 16GB RAM
  12. Had the issue again today after a while of it not happening. Flying Caucaus release on multiplayer, strangely it happened at 12.01, 12.21 and 12.41 KC-130 going warp factor. My trk file I wanted to upload is 17MB, too large to upload. Anyway of sending it to the relevant people. Regards Neil
  13. I get breakaway when I connect but haven't tried with NVGs, fuel flows fine. Since the last update I can be in formation with the tanker and it will shoot off at warp speed, stop , warp speed back to me, go behind me then warp speed in front of me. My wingman sees my aircraft as doing this. Never happened before the update. Neil 'Thatch'
  14. It was difficult to see the on/off and I was switching the Oxygen off. I've flown in a F/A-18B with the Blue Angels and we didn't need masks as we were at low altitude but did when I flew in other fast jets. I was in a T-45 Goshawk and on taxi had no oxygen coming through so had to return to the flight line. Turns out the bottle was empty. USMC_Trev, agree it is absurd to crash the game, in the Goshawk I felt like my face was in a sink plunger trying to breath but I figured it out and didn't pass out. It was doubling annoying because I thought I had a problem with DCs and PC so spent hours looking for faults. Luckily I did find config faults for other items that windows updates had kindly changed. Neil 'Thatch'
  15. Noticed I had been turning Oxygen on not the OBOGS, tried that but skipped the ECM (watching WAGS video) on and symptoms didn't happen. I was able to do a full start. I do however get DCS crashing on start up or locking on 55% which requires the Openbeta file to be renamed. Neil
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