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  1. I definitely took it as "the community moved over to this place, these are some other options, not all is lost" You're doing a great job man.
  2. I'd wager that the vast majority of players are flying with low budget joysticks and don't even have rudder pedals. Some teenager who wants to get into warbirds on DCS will look at the cost of a single plane (justified by the fidelity) without an era correct map, and no ground or air assets to interact with...versus the cost of just one of the IL2 packages and what you get with those...at least 8 planes you can fly, all the maps for use in MP, plus all the ground and air assets....that kid probably won't think twice. It's not the guys with £1000 computers and advanced hotas setups that are really complaining about the asset pack. If you had to buy the AI assets that come as part of DCSworld on top of a map of your choosing, you'd tell DCS to piss off. Sure you can buy the Hornet, but I'f you want anything to interact with that's another £15-20 on top of the plane... Its ridiculous. The precedent they set by making the core game free along with assets for the more modern stuff goes against what they did when they tried to make ww2 a thing. It should've been the same as for modern, era appropriate map and assets free, planes and campaigns cost money.
  3. It's not that we are unhappy with the work done, obviously we appreciate the people working on the warbird side of DCS. What we are unhappy with is what seems to be the size of said team. Planes that seem to be abandoned, issues that have long standing bug reports, and frankly easy issues to fix (volume knob in the Anton not working) Those who are working on these issues are clearly appreciated. And I'm sure they want more support from their bosses, another person or two to help fix these issues. That and the paywall created by ED in regards to the assetpack, it's honestly heinous to create a ww2 set of planes and milk futher money out of people just so they can have some appropriate ground targets or bombers to interact with. It's actively keeping people from buying into the warbirds at all.
  4. To be totally honest, it does smack of neglect, things that have been nagging bugs for years...like the Dora engine bug... We all understand it's a small team, but it is the perception of a great many people that ED just doesn't put any effort into fixing things on WW2 stuff. Its been a trickle with no real communication about what bugs are actually getting worked on.
  5. Hello all, I just ordered a desk mount and didn't receive a confirmation email even though the money has been sent from my account. Is this usual?
  6. Nobody said the ship would release next week.....
  7. Willing to give it a good try, but you'll need to unblock/unban me first.
  8. There is a reason it says ''do it for us'' there are some gullible people around here
  9. Sounds like you're dropping full flaps at too high an airspeed.
  10. different altitudes, different air density due to both humidity, altitude, and temperature, all change how any engine performs, be it a piston or jet engine.
  11. Hey pilot, stop flying so rough! You're messing up the music!
  12. Seriously, just set it to -15 and give it a shot. I don't do much of a test but I just slammed the stick back to full deflection at Mach 1+ and didn't Rip the wings in my really quick test.
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