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  1. Shame the fix didn't get pushed out with the latest OB update. Still having to set waypoints, then set speed back to 0 before re-instating the speed. Otherwise units lose the path finding and end up stopping/crashing a MP server.
  2. Its definitely not a pathfinding issue. There are areas of land that are a dark green in colour on caucuses. When a vic moves through these areas their speed is greatly reduced, it happens when you are driving the unit as well.
  3. Has there been any updates on path finding? Has the team been able to asses the issues with movement of units in MP? This is been a huge cause of frustration on servers like DDCS.
  4. I've had the same issue re binding turret movement to axis with the mouse. It just will not pick up my mouse as an axis to move anything up/down/left/right.
  5. After slinging Iso containers to unpack a certain item on a MP server, there is often 1 that will be jittering or shaking. This means that instead of 3 containers being avaliable to be unpacked only 2 are (and therefore wont spawn the unit in). Now previously you might have been able to hover or park beside the crate, attach a rope and then release it once it was hooked. As of the latest patch hovering over, or trying to attach a rope will cause a game freeze for several seconds (10-15) will will mean if you are in the air, you are now dead on the ground. if you have attached a rope, you might have some succcess and be able to detach it after a short period of time. Its quicker to sling a new crate though rather than try to fix the stuttering crate. I understand sling loading is not of the highest importance to ED right now, but can someone try to replicate this or investigate this issue. Its making those MP servers like DDCS very difficult to sling units.
  6. Mine has come off in the past, once or twice. It does pop back on with the spring.
  7. I have had this issue as well. It happens once you have fired 4 mav's, then you go back land and grab some more. WHen you select MAVF on the stores page it starts the cooldown for the store selected, however none of the others are cooling down. You can start them cooling down by quickly stepping through the stores, this will start their cooldown timer. The timmer is not shown however on any of the MAVF's when you reload.
  8. I had to make a few consessions. Like Boat hat forward and back includes using the nose wheel steering off flippper as a modifer for the radio button fwd-aft. My gripe is that you can't map the zoom in out function of the tgp to the hornet throttle zoom.
  9. Mines been ordered! Cannot wait. It mounts to the existing throttle stand doesnt it?
  10. Any get the IC failure with the latest version of DCS?
  11. I too get this, noticed it the other day whilst on the ground taxiing around.
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