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  1. For example in Hoggit Syran 3.0 server, if player loads more weapons than he is allowed, soon the player cannot control the aircraft and it crashes. How can I do that in my server? it says Object.Destroy() doesn't work on player client slot, and slmod only has "Kick" command, (I never used slmod before though) I have some experience in programming so just point me to the right direction and I can do it from there. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I'm so sorry that I have overstated "dynamics" of listed campaigns. Hope your dream realized sooner than later. Until then some of us will enjoy these "not-really-dynamic" campaigns fully. Hind is a very new addition and liberation (and its required components) need some time to follow up. Check with liberation 4.1.1 which is the newest as of 2021.08.31. Wish your problems are solved by now.
  3. Most of the "persistent" missions requires editing stock MissionScripts.lua file, to gain access to the OS filesystem. Although technically it induces more security risks, but if one can edit lua file with notepad, one usually knows what this means and how much risks are involved. Hope you are having fun with perisistent missions!
  4. Great Mod, loving it from the bottom of the heart! Make the reds great again! Need a little help here: 1. mapping left / right break axis with my ruder pedal don't not do anything. ctrl-enter input display shows nothing. pressing "w" works though.. 2. hiding pilot body RSHIFT-P does nothing 3. can brought up kneeboard, but prev/next kneeboard page does not work I am a dev, I know some lua but these input mappings are beyond me .. can you point me to the right direction? Thanks!!
  5. It's good to know it doesn't actually matter playing the mission! Thanks!
  6. CEF, Always Great Thanks! I Just tried your new version, it now has more squadrons across 2 carriers and I can select them as I see fit!! But I see "Recovery Pack .. Route has no waypoints with locked time" error more often. I mean "more often" because it also happens with original version. I suspected if there are a lot of aircraft in the deck this error happens, so I tweaked conf_mod.lua to remove static aircraft, reduce the size of F14 flight etc. It does reduces the chance of making this error. If you can share it's normal or not, it may help other people like us a lot. Thank you as always. This is only reason why we play DCS these days.
  7. Hello Guys! Thank you for the great dynamic campaign, as always! I am trying to run latest campaign with my friends, some of them doesn't have Supercarrier. And I saw this line of description in Tomcat over PG : But however I run firstmission.bat with multiplayer options, all the flights are from Supercarrier. I tried to modify base of the "oob_air_init.lua" or swap the carrier units in "db_airbases.lua" but then the mission fails with "no route with timeline" How do I run multiplayer with friends dont have SC? Thanks!
  8. I dont quite understand what you mean and im sure you already solved it, but it rarely matter each other basically they are all just mission files only runs when you select it. So no, it doesnt conflict, unless you are developing a mission with lua script or something..
  9. every STABLE updates (including today, and im not even complaining about openbeta) makes different (and more ) clouds and other obejcts appear only one eye. im old and my eye really hurts please ED this is barbaric..
  10. Thanks! i will try it right away. hope it is compatible with moose ..
  11. Hello. I was pretty sure this was asked and answered, and tried my best to search the forum and internet but was no good. What I am trying to do is spawn a group then set the groups route (set of waypoints) to follow a route, which must be set dynamically from the script (not in the ME) From what i gather, The route is copied and set when spawned from pre-defined template(group) in ME which the group spawned from. : But it's fixed so i cannot change them during the mission, from the script) I can copy route from some other template and group on the fly: Route( .. GetTaskRoute)) : But it's also fixed since other template's route is fixed from the ME. But how can I build route (set of waypoints) on the fly? Searched through MOOSE manual many times but cannot find functions like Route.Add, Route.Remove, TaskRoute.Add .. I think it's fundamentally possible as Ex1) I found manually setting / adding waypoint without MOOSE https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=188936 Ex2) with MIST https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=203315 But could not find how to do it with MOOSE. I found Group:Route gets table Route as paramter. but could not find what a table (variable) Route is.. is it the same with Ex2)? then how to build it with MOOSE? any help would be greatly appreciated! EDIT: I just found a good example in the MOOSE.lua itself, so sharing it here for the future reference. -- ## Example 14: Strategic Bombing -- -- This example shows how to employ strategic bombers in a mission. Three B-52s are launched at Kobuleti with the assignment to wipe out the enemy warehouse at Sukhumi. -- The bombers will get a flight path and make their approach from the South at an altitude of 5000 m ASL. After their bombing run, they will return to Kobuleti and -- added back to stock. -- -- -- Start warehouses -- warehouse.Kobuleti:Start() -- warehouse.Sukhumi:Start() -- -- -- Add a strategic bomber assets -- warehouse.Kobuleti:AddAsset("B-52H", 3) -- -- -- Request bombers for specific task of bombing Sukhumi warehouse. -- warehouse.Kobuleti:AddRequest(warehouse.Kobuleti, WAREHOUSE.Descriptor.ATTRIBUTE, WAREHOUSE.Attribute.AIR_BOMBER, WAREHOUSE.Quantity.ALL, nil, nil, nil, "Bomb Sukhumi") -- -- -- Specify assignment after bombers have been spawned. -- function warehouse.Kobuleti:OnAfterSelfRequest(From, Event, To, groupset, request) -- local groupset=groupset --Core.Set#SET_GROUP -- -- -- Get assignment of this request. -- local assignment=warehouse.Kobuleti:GetAssignment(request) -- -- if assignment=="Bomb Sukhumi" then -- -- for _,_group in pairs(groupset:GetSet()) do -- local group=_group --Wrapper.Group#GROUP -- -- -- Start uncontrolled aircraft. -- group:StartUncontrolled() -- -- -- Target coordinate! -- local ToCoord=warehouse.Sukhumi:GetCoordinate():SetAltitude(5000) -- -- -- Home coordinate. -- local HomeCoord=warehouse.Kobuleti:GetCoordinate():SetAltitude(3000) -- -- -- Task bomb Sukhumi warehouse using all bombs (2032) from direction 180 at altitude 5000 m. -- local task=group:TaskBombing(warehouse.Sukhumi:GetCoordinate():GetVec2(), false, "All", nil , 180, 5000, 2032) -- -- -- Define waypoints. -- local WayPoints={} -- -- -- Take off position. -- WayPoints[1]=warehouse.Kobuleti:GetCoordinate():WaypointAirTakeOffParking() -- -- Begin bombing run 20 km south of target. -- WayPoints[2]=ToCoord:Translate(20*1000, 180):WaypointAirTurningPoint(nil, 600, {task}, "Bombing Run") -- -- Return to base. -- WayPoints[3]=HomeCoord:WaypointAirTurningPoint() -- -- Land at homebase. Bombers are added back to stock and can be employed in later assignments. -- WayPoints[4]=warehouse.Kobuleti:GetCoordinate():WaypointAirLanding() -- -- -- Route bombers. -- group:Route(WayPoints) -- end -- -- end -- end
  12. Again, great thanks Grimes! So maybe there is a way, albeit not so beautiful one :smilewink: I will try that and find out! You are the best!
  13. Hello, I am new to mission scripting, but I searched the forum for hours and still has no solution. I am trying to restrict giving a player TGP or Jammer modules, however, getAmmo() only returns weapons and somehow getSensors() doesnt return anything.. Any help or workaround would be useful. I mean, TGP is a big deal, and nobody should take it for granted! :lol:
  14. Alright! Great thanks for the answer and hope this canbe fixed somehow..
  15. Thanks! I needed a modern testing ground, looks very promising!
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