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  1. They were per the doctrine actually supposed to use memory mode pretty much all the time. A few scans by the radar and then into memory mode and mark the targets. Then a couple of minutes till next couple of sweeps etc. That's why I'm very happy to finally have the proper memory mode in place in DCS to play it tactical
  2. Thanks a lot HB for fixing the recon functions! One thought though... In this video: https://youtu.be/sGJCFt3wK6c?t=726 you can see a SH 37 pilot using the memory mode in SPA to designate recon targets. It looks like he designates two targets (although we can't be certain) and that the target designator stays on the same position after designation, rather then resetting to the bottom center like in DCS. Anybody that can shed light if the DCS implementation is correct or if it should be like what we allegedly see in the video? Maybe @MYSE1234 or @renhanxue knows? Thanks!
  3. Yes, I was wrong, mixed it up with Pre-order. TBH it felt like more than two years it was released though
  4. It was released January 2020. That's 1.7 years from today.
  5. Yes, this been a bug since forever. I agree it would be nice to get it fixed.
  6. Regarding your last paragraph, they may be fixed but you need to have a patience of gold spanning over multiple years. Unfortunately updates and bug fixes seems to happen in very infrequent surges followed by long periods of silence. And even when they allegedly are "fixed" it's no guarantee that they make it into the game after all. "Sad but true" to quote a famous song.
  7. Maybe in next or the one after that?
  8. According to the changelog the wrong textures on the countermeasure switch should finally be fixed. Just updated and still have the same old textures, what's this then?
  9. Yes, RB 15 compatibility came with the AJS mod early 90s. Thus, AJ 37 regardless of era could not carry RB 15.
  10. SMEs (IRL Viggen pilots, I remember Hilmersby and another on Youtube but probably more) has said several times that the DCS Viggen engine is too weak on mil power. They raised specific situations where they never needed to use the AB but it's necessary in DCS for example.
  11. I guess this request only applies to the real puritans ... maybe it's better that you commit your resources to the demands of the greater community like J 35 Draken or JA 37?
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