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  1. The poster didnt show his VR DCS settings, it would be interesting to see them and then we can try it, im on a 3090 to. I will have another look today but im not expecting good results
  2. Our group is getting a lot of CTDs with the latest update, the last update was really stable for the whole month, im running OpenXR as it was normally a SteamVR crash for me rather than a DCS crash, but now its most defiantly a DCS CTD. I have included my log files Logs.zip
  3. Thanks Meatshield this fixed all of my problems with the very sensitive 4 way (really is 8 way hat), coming from a Wathog my comms hat is now acting the same as it was on the Warthog whos hat is more defined in its operation.
  4. And where would you disable it, I have looked right through the softwear and see no option to disable it, if you remove it it throws up an error. Cheers
  5. Hi im finding the 5 way hat on the side of the CM3 very problematic, id like to disable the center press Button 16 (Physical 17) and turn the hat into a normal 4 way hat, is this possible I cant find any way to do it. Cheers
  6. Its a wasted map, I wish ED had put the resources into something else as I dont see the point of releasing something that runs as bad as this does in VR compared to the likes of Syria, and not even bother to fix it, or if they are its not showing up as any better with new beta patches.
  7. Does any one know if the license can be taken of one computer and put on a new one, we are upgrading our server to a new box. Cheers
  8. T5, 6, 7 already do up and down with the middle not registered as anything my understanding was the middle part could not be mapped.
  9. Hi all I am trying to map some 3 way switches in the F16 (autopilot modes) and cant really work out the best way to do this with the CM3 switches, I have set T1-T4 as 2 way switches already so have upped the use of them. I cant find anything on the CM3 that could be used of configured for the 3 way style of switch that the F16 uses, anyone able to make any suggestions. Cheers
  10. Just returned from holiday Vipil CVM2 and 200mm extension and was really happy with the Apache, now it bobs about all over the place and is very unstable (no curves)
  11. Thanks really appreciate you doing that for us,
  12. I believe its been done by design for the Apache, the views are centered on the TEDAC which is the main focus of the front seat, I see the post is now flagged as investigating, I hope they can re adjust it to the center of the seat for VR and I can truly use VR as intended The other solution is to allow the Cockpit Save Angles binding to hard bind the view to where you set it in a .lua so its always there until changed if you need too, current the saved position resets to what we have now once you exit the plane or helicopter.
  13. I can also confirm the default none VR view is centered on the TEDAC and off to the LS of the center of the cockpit, I can see why in 2D though as you cant move your head around as much unless you have Track IR, 2D players how ever have the ability to adjust the view and save it,
  14. I tried this and it doesnt save the VR view, it reverts back to the default VR view each time you get a new Apache, I think this option is only for flatscreen mode.
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