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  1. Not á very serious topic but… where is the Tonka? *sircryalot*
  2. No calls I can hear no calls. The Freqs are correct, but Saint Is silence and flip too. What i am doing wrong?
  3. Exactly! No Pedals and the TM Warthog have no Z-Axis. I bound the Rudders to a Thumb-Stick ob all Modules.
  4. Hey! I can‘t bins the rudders to á Button on my warthog. They are grayed out and you only can bind on keyboard. Thats Not good
  5. I don‘t think that oranges and Apples are Mixed up. EA is very common Now in the whole games industry. But compared to other Triple-AAA EA Games (I look at you SW BF II) you a product which is fun to play. After some Time in DCS i wasn‘t able to play other Sims because the Grafe of Detail in Systems was too Low. And yes! Even in EA the modules are far more complex than other whole Sims. EA Is a thin line between happy and disappointed customers. It’s some times frustrating me too. These deadlines which are exeeded every Time. Old bugs going, new ones are approaching. But After all it’s a Game where we all have fun with. Sometimes when I reading these Forums you could think ED Is the worst developer ever. I bought every Module and I‘m Not happy with everything. But I‘m Not disappointed because in Relation I flown 400 Hours with the Hornet for 80 Dollar and it isn‘t still boring. I fly with the Mustang over the PG and every single time I see new Details. I fly approaches on the SC and it feels like I doing the stuff that real pilots doing. (BTW I bought the SC for 9 Dollar because of miles). Matt is doing the Tutorial-Stuff on youtube. So why some people are so toxic? Name me One Triple AAA Title which isn’t boring after Thousands of Hours?
  6. Exactly this! AAA-Games are way better funded as this pearl. It’s way not perfect. I hust wann to say that constructive criticism is important but flaming isn‘t.
  7. I don‘t blame critics! I blame childish behaviour and such people without a small amount of respect. Some comments in this thread are hard...
  8. Dear Pilots of virtual planes, at first I want to say, that I Love this game and its abilities. For me it’s the closest way to fly a military plane. It’s amazing how this whole game is giving the opportunity to feel like a fighter-pilot. But unfortunally, this means also that the expectations are rising higher and higher to a Level, thats way over what it should be. I‘m a Member in this Community and I‘m proud of it, but at some point I‘m a little depressed from this strange critics-culture. Critics are often communicated so angry, but why? The Team isn‘t bathing in the Money all the Time. Of course there are delays and of course people complaining about it, me included. But why so emotional? It‘s a great game and it adds some positiv stuff to each one who plays ist. So please treat each other with respect and avoid childish reactions. After all it’s a Game. And no reason to be radical (i played over 2000 hours) or angry to each other. Of course you pay money. But in EA and Beta things could change and you buy a idea of a product it you buy it EA. My wish for the future. Please be proud to be a Member in this Community and please help the Rookies and don’t flame around. „Flying away...“ Manu
  9. Maybe its a Pilot error Bit yesterday the viper pulled only 6 Gs and the rollrate was also to slow. I hadn‘t any stores sticked and the aircraft was configured for CAT I
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