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  1. Wow...I stand corrected. That is awesome!!!
  2. Hmmm....I think you mean 7.62mm miniguns (m134), or .50cal machine guns. Me too! I think it'd be awesome. Just check this out: http://nz.youtube.com/watch?v=nGbsXj6p4is
  3. I was thinking about Longbow 2 when I created this poll. I think that, given the fact that DCS is the most realistic flight model for any helo I've ever seen, it would be awesome to have some non-combat helicopters in there. I spend a lot of time simply flying the shark around Georgia...no weapons. Wouldn't it be great to do some missions in a Mi8 or something?
  4. Hey guys. The spectacular flight model in DCS:BS has me thinking: Would you fly a helicopter is it wasn't an "attack" helicopter? For example; would you fly a Blackhawk to drop troops off behind enemy lines? Or would you fly an MH-6 little Bird to drop off specops on a rooftop?
  5. Now *I'm* ignoring you.
  6. Hey Mitch, ignore the people who don't like it...I think all of your skins are brilliant.
  7. Welcome to the party, ArchAngel. The champagne is at the bar. :thumbup:
  8. It's Georgia...use the mountains and hills for cover.
  9. 20-70 Core2Duo 8500 Wolfdale 4 Gigs Kingston Ram ATI 4870X2
  10. You won't be sorry with the 4870x2 uhoh7. It's the fastest card on the planet! I love mine.
  11. I've got: Core2Duo E8500 4Gigs of PC8500 Ram ATI radeon 4870X2 video card Asus P5BDeluxe mainboard I run everything absolutely max at 1680x1050 with 4xAA and 4xAF, and never get below 22fps. The new i7 chipset is supposed to be pretty good as well.
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