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  1. Well, thanks for all your advice but after extensive trying I found that this aircraft, the FW 190 Dora was not going to work out for me. However ,I did try the Spitfire......and with Take of Assistant I found it dead easy to taxi and take off but impossible to even taxi with out it! Worse that the Dora. Interestingly......I did not notice a difference in the Dora with Take off Assistant on or off.
  2. I haven't flown my F-5 in a while and not since my new HOTAS. But I love the Syria map for her scenery and has become my "go to" map. I think I'll get map my HOTAS for the F-5 and fly this Syria Cold Start Instant Action.
  3. I wait till I have the same speed as you and begin forward movement of stick, but as soon as plane leaves the ground the left wing dips and hits the ground and we crash no matter how much rudder I use.
  4. I think I was doing that.....letting that stick forward too early.
  5. I'm testing the 190 now. If I don't get any better in a week I may just stay with my P-51. Which after flying the 190 I'm beginning to like the Mustang more. Once the 190 is in the air I like it better than the Mustang.
  6. I made myself a nice little mission just for this with the Syria map and Beirut Airport...and loaded a Dora and a P-51 on the runway and set the time to just after sunrise. (Oh and my beautiful F-16 is there too just for good measure) The Dora doesn't crash DCS anymore either. So I have been comparing the Dora takeoff to P-51. The P-51 is easier. Still can't get the Dora off the ground. I think it has something to do with brakes. I've used a couple of different mappings for the brakes and no luck. I think I need graduated pressure braking. Not brakes that are either on or off. Btw....do you find the 109 easier than the Dora?
  7. It's pointless to talk about. The sim crashes everytime the Dora crashes too. ..... But true...the P51 is better. .... I did manage to get airborne a couple of times in the Dora the day before yesterday but I have no idea how.
  8. I think it is the in the way DCS made it! ....... There never was a real WWII bird built that was so dangerous for a new pilot to even taxi as the DCS war birds. If there was there wouldn't have been one left in flyable condition after one day of training. As for me, I'm not going to waste one more minute trying to perfect a taxi and take off in the Dora. P-51 ....not much better! ...Moving on.................
  9. They maybe some kind of a bug here because I can't save, import or load any hotas profiles at all. I can save the bindings for each aircraft and DCS will hold them but I can't seem to export them into a folder.
  10. This entire thread is an abortion. I'll bet nobody knows what's going on here. If this gadget still operates ..the OP should completely revamp and simplify this.
  11. I would definitely go with a 17.3 Laptop over a desktop any day. What you lose from a desktop is overridden by portability, comfort and convenience of the laptop. I get pretty good graphics with a GTX 1660 Ti but of course I'd prefer a RTX 3060 Ti. I use an old Logitech N700 laptop desk to put the lap top on. It has a fan and speakers in it. Unfortunately Logitech quit making them. On the Syria Quick Start mission "Lone Falcon" I get real nice graphics and the lowest FPS is 60. The problem is that the companies that make laptops went full retard and try to make them too small and thin these days. I prefer a big heavy chunky laptop that has plenty of room inside for cooling. Hard to find.
  12. T16000m & TWCS modified with the Impulse Slider. Gave up on getting a Gladiator. This setup is way better than what I used to have so I have no complaints. (Other than the stick needs another button or two)
  13. A GTX 1660Ti is slightly under a 2060 and according to this Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB compare Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GPU (game-debate.com) but it says that neither much good at running Microsoft Flight Sim at "Ultra".
  14. Do you think the NVIDIA RTX 3060 is going to make much difference - vs - an NVIDIA GTX 1660 ti .....on an almost identical laptop... we are talking 1080 resolution here? Also, there is another option to get one with a RTX 2070S MQ ...but the laptop with the RTX 3060 is a better deal. I am using the laptop with the GTX 1660ti right now. It's OK, nothing special, I can get avg 60fps out of it...... but I saw this other laptop advertized with RTX 3060 in it and its a really good deal. I'm just wondering if it's overkill because I don't know what to expect as far as beautiful graphics out of a 1080 res 144hz laptop. Thanks
  15. Maybe DCS needs to do an advertizing campaign to expand the player base? It's never one of the games in the test lists for benchmark trials.
  16. Yeah, thanks I' think I'll do that right now, in fact.
  17. EDT: I take all that crap back I just wrote. I gave 2.7 one more chance before I went back the Stable and it is working very nicely now. Is it really only 2 weeks?............ Well, I finished the downgrade to Beta 2.7 and now DCS is UNPLAYABLE for me. I lose about half of my FPS. Multi-layer was absolutely unplayable with hits to FPS all the way down to about 4! So I'm going upgrade back to the Stable 2.5 ...The clouds looked nice, but not THAT nice. If the drop in performance stay that bad on the stable version after it updates to 2.7. I will have to uninstall and likely ask ED for my money back. I didn't sign on for this....and the recommended specs for running DCS didn't say this would happen. My machine fits within the specs I signed up for.
  18. I was about to ask that very same question. I used to run both Stable & Beta when I first started DCS when it was 2.2. Then when it went to 2.5 someone wrote that Stable and Beta were combining or something so I went to 2.5 stable and uninstalled beta. ..... But now I think I might have been the only one who did that...lol! So, I've been thinking about going back to Stable. In fact, I think I am going back as I type this. Because I typed some cmd I found "on the internet" into the powershell just now, that supposedly, lets you switch to Beta without uninstalling and installing. I'll find out soon enough.
  19. I'll check that out. Sounds like it could be the problem. I get the wheelie more than I should too. I mapped the break to a new controller recently too.
  20. Actually, I'm not talking about the break effects when landing as much as I am about just moving about on the carrier's deck at slow speeds such as when lining up for the catapult. Or even taxiing to the runway. After the last update, on stable where I fly anyway, I sometimes tend to overshoot the catapult hookup because the breaks just have no grab in them at all, anymore. I never had that problem before, and it's quite irritating. Perhaps its in my HOTAS on the button I assigned for breaks. I changed HOTAS a few months ago.
  21. Is there a known problem with the Wheel Breaks on the F-18 since the last update? They just don't work as good as they used to. They don't have that grab anymore. Taxiing on the carrier deck is dicey!
  22. Yeah I Have. That's how I found out there were wheel chocks on my wheels the fist time it happened. It's only ever happened on Multiplayer servers.
  23. I've tried to get chocks removed both with seat armed and unarmed. In fact I didn't think there is anything which I have not tried. If a multiplayer server respawns me with wheel chocks on I may as well just exit and chose another role.
  24. Apparently nobody knows how to remove the wheel chocks, ED doesn't know about it and it still a problem. It always happens after the first spawn on the second time you have to choose a role on Multiplayer. Never a problem on the first spawn.
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