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  1. CF-18 2022 Demo Jet is almost complete. Trying to get it done for Canada Day.
  2. Yes I am aware. I removed the FSR Mod and used the toolkit to try to enable FSR. I thought that was obvious It isn't working for me - hence my asking if there was something else I should try. I guess there isn't anything else I should try then.....
  3. No I'm totally joking... I followed the guide and watched two videos on it. If I am missing something it isn't because I didn't follow your instructions. If you have a link to some explanation or help that sure would be better than "Bruh! Seriously?"
  4. FSR does not appear to be working. Is there something else to install for that to work? I've previously used the FSR mod and so I am familiar with how it looks in game.
  5. Solution is to do a repair first. Follow the guide. Do a repair again. Then copy the files back into the bin folder yet again. Now it works for me.
  6. I was having same problem. So I went to the folder and clicked on the game's exe and it loaded in SteamVR even though I have that turned off in WMRP settings. How do we get DCS to launch using OpenXR?
  7. I figured out how to import them. You just used the down arrow at the top and have it load the old profile file for that section.
  8. I just did this with my new Windows install and it isn't recognizing any of the controls or keybindings. It has all my graphics settings but none of the game inputs. I checked the files in the Saved Games config folder and they all have the correct settings in them. Why isn't the game using them? Any help?
  9. The module always uses the default textures for the spinning blades in MP no matter how you have edited p51D_DIF_Fuz_Front.dds It uses the files P51D_prop_blade.dds P51D_blade_prop.dds P51D_prop.dds P51D_Prop_2.dds P51D_prop_3.dds I've exported the description.lua from the model viewer and cannot find a way to link to modified versions of this file. So what happens is your props will look the way you painted them in SP no matter if they are spinning or static, but they will only look the way you painted them in MP while they are static. As soon as they spin they will load the default texture and therefore look that way. Is anyone able to help with getting the game to use user created texture files for the spinning prop blades in MP?
  10. I am extremely confident this module will be in my library as soon as I can get my hands on it. This is a great aircraft to add to the game. Fantastic. Hope it comes before I have to retire
  11. So are you saying if I use the Intel plugin that the problem will just go away?
  12. nvidia Is there a setting I should know about?
  13. OK so here is the problem I'm having. Previously I was able to get a graphic to show but when I turned the lights up all the panels glowed like the person showed above. Now every time I save a the tex01 file and use it in game it looks like this. Here is your file from your 401 SQN livery unaltered but exported from photoshop and then used in DCS. Also what happens when I use the ED file from the F18 cockpit textures and cut out the BUNO section without generating a new alpha channel. Then what happens when I cut out the section, add new text and graphics and a new alpha channel. Able to tell what is going wrong?
  14. OK I'm not able to fix this for some reason. I'm a photographer and skilled in photoshop and I've skinned just about every aircraft in the game but I cannot get the Alpha channel correct. Can you tell me how to do this like I'm stupid (because apparently I am! lol)? I've tried using a layer mask on the mip0 layer and then adding my art in that location, I've tried creating a whole new Alpha channel, I've tried using a tga instead... always various things are wrong.
  15. These are gorgeous. I was just downloading dozens of CF-18 photos to redo the dirt and grime on my personal skin. Can't wait to download yours and see what they look like in game.
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