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  1. Well, they're mucho fun. Easier to fly than I anticipated, just the landings are a bit hairy (practice practice etc). I'm able to get the Hughey down in one piece now but it cost the USF three airframes to learn. Lol.
  2. Lol. Talk about synchronicity. Found the offer pack, all four helos for $70. :)
  3. I fancy messing around with a helicopter. I say "messing around" due to the online being next to dead, so I ain't paying $49. So is there a sale on the horizon for any of them? TIA. :)
  4. I've noticed it only when the server population is higher than a handful of flyers.
  5. Thanks BN. I hope none of those "issues" include work on new modules. Current stuff is the priority here, stuff that's already bought and paid for. :)
  6. Thanks, but no answer to the question there. It's been months, needs to be sorted. As I said to Sith, I won't be buying anymore modules until I see evidence of this kind of behaviour changing. I pay primo-prices for primo-product and when I find myself with one that's had a glaring bug like this for months I'm not getting bitten again.
  7. Mig15 flashing textures. Any word on when/if this glaring bug will be fixed on this $50 plane? Real immersion-killer and it's been months, not on really. TIA. :)
  8. I got my first two DCS online kills last night using this tried and tested doctrine. :)
  9. Any news on when this immersion-killing bug that's been known about for months on my $50 product is going to be fixed? Please? Please?
  10. Might be an idea to change the name of the server now.
  11. Maybe think of it as a test in itself, to see if you have an idea of commitment that motivates you to make suffcient contact such that you can ascertain the finer details. :)
  12. It's all here: http://21iap.net/index.html We also have a Discord channel and use SRS. We fly exclusively (thus far) on the Korea 1952 server. If you're interested in flying DiD in Mig15s against Sabres this might be right up your Soviet alley. :)
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