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  1. Looking forward as well, for WWII Pacific & also possibly Vietnam missions (since we are desperate for Vietnam scenarios) Screenshots from WIP (March 2022) & video from HIP Games (WIP Japanese Assets at 7.54) from Leatherneck. Hopefully free add-on like South Atlantic assets? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWSr4AlhsCY&t=489s
  2. Hi Toan I seemed to have the same issue. Did a hack & extracted emblems into a livery folder, uploaded below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/el2gwz4k0jcpc3n/HawkEye60%20K-141_Kursk%20Emblem%20Livery.zip?dl=0 Just extract & add to Bazaar/Liveries/K-141_Kursk & select under PAINT SCEME, as Std with Emblem. Hope it helps
  3. Hi HawkEye60 Thanks for these wonderful gifts - the Typhoon with Marroux's wakes, is worth the money alone! The Alpha class size did stand out for me as well. I have added a top down screenshot comparing size/length with all subs next to each other & did an adjacent table comparing the Actual Length vs In Game Length. I did measurements with length Ruler tool in ME & compared to data from Wiki & did a variance column on the far right. % Diff to Actual is calculated as (Game Length M - Actual Length M)/ Actual Length M - just to get a relativity to actual. The Alpha is oversized by 169m. In Game length is 250m & should be 81m , it should be roughly half the size of the Typhoon (175m) The rest of the subs, seem within reason & we don't want you too distracted from making all those other great mods you're working on
  4. The talented VSN modders created a E-2 flyable with FC3 cockpit - so maybe possible? ED is working an a much improved 3d model & animations, but not sure if modders are allowed to port official aircraft across & add flyable cockpits? But VSN mods look very similar to ED models (but that maybe a testament to their ability ) Hopefully the limited sub base gets expanded in terms of quantity & functionality (like the ability to dive now) This could provide an interesting & varied sets of mission sets for a carrier air group, especially in a MP server. Where the current traditional FA-18 / F-14 & AV-8B could carry on doing their thing. But could used modded assets to provide dedicated secondary support missions, such as AWACS (E-2 using F10 screen), EA-6B (Electronic Counter Measures) & S-3 (Counter Surface & Subsurface threats)
  5. Hi Rudel, apologies for late reply - Its one of Hawkeye60's many great mods. I managed to find link below: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/251986-the-warbird-hanger/#comment-4471097 I just did a hack job on the livery (cut & paste from an old IL2 game) so not 100% aligned & don't know if its ligit to publicly share then? I can maybe share the livery privately - if you want it? Just PM me. PS traveling at the moment - so might be a day or 2
  6. Can do bombing the Tirpiz in the Fjords and Operation Rheinübung with Bismark & Prinz Eugen at Trondheim
  7. LOL Hawkeye60 was going to post a link to your sheep flock from Animals 1.1 mod (2018) - that still works! But will wait for your update The flock moves as well (but no animations) Thanks for all your contributions to the immersion of the game
  8. Thanks very much Urbi - your are a saint!
  9. Urbi - your are my hero! You dont know how long I have been looking for some of the German WWII Livery folders & LUA's. They didnt follow any logic! You have saved my day - very useful, as Eddie says Trying to get into some basic livery creation, starting with vehicles & infantry
  10. Ok - good few months later, but found them with the Model Viewer. Look really great & crewed as well Hopefully will be implemented in game soon - 2 wks?
  11. Vietnam 1967 Mekong Delta - river boat operations with USS Benewah Tried to copy this scene https://naval-encyclopedia.com/battles/coldwar/vietnam-naval-warfare-1955-75.php/ Vietnam big stick carrier escort Vietnam carrier ops (thanks to Sanikats excellent new texture )
  12. merci beaucoup dimitriov "thank you very much dimitriov"
  13. Hawkeye60 just posted some Nuclear reactor buildings, if you haven't seen them yet https://forum.dcs.world/topic/297817-the-power-and-chemical-plant-mods/
  14. Looks great! Very interested in your flat field & land textures. Have always looked at ways to amend the current WWII Normandy map which is currently set up as Post DDay Invasion with most of the Temporary Allied Airfields already set up (DDay + 40) and includes at least 20 of these temporary Airfields. Not really immersive for scenarios in the build up to DDay & the intense action shortly after! These flat textures could be quick ways to place over these flat airfields to try hide them. Can delete the current buildings (Hangers etc) with the Mission Editor. Would also need rows of trees to try blend into the current Bocage scenery Would be a great way of hiding all these Temporary Airfields & slowly unveil them as they were actually constructed to make a truly Historical Campaign. Thanks for your work & will follow with interest.
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