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  1. ED is modelling the AH-64D here, not some fictional Blue Thunder OP one-man-army aircraft. Sent from my SM-A715W using Tapatalk
  2. Can you explain how the fuel check works, and would you do it while flying after hitting c-aux for the Robbie tank? I am fuzzy on this aspect of the Apache. Thanks! Zyll @ TAW
  3. 5900x3d is rumored to have more cache then 5800x3d, so this may not be an apples to apples comparison. M1Combat already pointed this out earlier. It's a futile exercise to try to guess how the two will compare, when one doesn't have official specs yet. Zyll @ TAW
  4. In case it's not totally clear, you will still need to be connected to SRS on the correct server in order for this to work. The Hornet cockpit simply communicates via SRS (similar to how the radio controls work) which then communicates with LotAtc. Zyll @ TAW
  5. Don't think you can. Honestly you are lucky you are even seeing waypoints, because more often than not, I don't even get to see the route for most flights (AI, human, multiplayer, singleplayer). It seems random when it decides to show or not. Sorry, I'm not much help. Zyll @ TAW
  6. Agreed with the above. Try testing on flat elevation and see if you still experience the issue. Maybe there is a bug that you have identified with respect to boresight accuracy. Zyll @ TAW
  7. Nope the issue got fixed a while back, I'm not certain exactly when, but it's totally resolved now. Zyll @ TAW
  8. Marianas would really benefit from your improvements. I look forward to trying it out when you release it! Zyll @ TAW
  9. that should be all you need to do, then you should see new keybinds under AH-64D Pilot - Custom: just checking, but you are updating the file in the 'c:\program files\' folder, and not in your 'saved games' right?
  10. How does this behave in a 2-man crew aircraft? Would the pilot's inputs start conflicting with the CPG? Sent from my SM-A715W using Tapatalk
  11. Interested in this workaround too. Would doing so conflict with a player CPG trying to switch TADS between TV and FLIR? Sent from my SM-A715W using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks YoYo much appreciated, not sure why it didn't come up in my search
  13. Where can we find the Syria trees mod? I couldn't find it using the forum search. Thx.
  14. Are you mapping the first or second detent for the laser? Try the latter, ignore the former :)
  15. Would be nice if you could ask CP/G George to store a target point where he is looking. I would not want to see him do this automatically (he actually says "lased and stored") as it would create a huge mess of target points. Preferable for the player pilot to ask for it via the George UI.
  16. Set your acquisition source from the TSD page to the TADS and you will see a broken cross where the CP-G had his sensors pointed.
  17. Zyll

    comms fail

    If the airbase has no bluefor near it, and it has redfor ground units, they will capture the base. If you want to prevent that, place blue ground units at the base to keep it defended. They could be invisible and immortal if you don't want the red ground units to engage them.
  18. I agree the ASE screen should correspond to 12 o'clock always being the top of the screen. However, I think logically the TSD screen should adjust the position of ASE contacts in accordance to the orientation of your own ship. This is only my opinion on what makes sense, and you are right, the SMEs would need to weigh in on what is correct behavior in real life.
  19. When using TSD - MAP - ORIENT N-up (north up), when you get an ASE vocal warning (e.g. SA-8 12 o'clock), this is correct, however the TSD should visually show the symbology in front of the aircraft. What is instead happening, is the symbology in this case is at the 12 o'clock position as if we were in TRK UP orientation. north up.trk
  20. That's interesting. I didn't do Caucasus, I was on Syria and maybe Marianas. Not they I think of it, my timing might be from the moment I start the battery in my startup procedure. What I had noticed, is that turning on the Doppler has no effect on the speed to alignment.
  21. The charts on the TSD also appear once the alignment is complete, 4:20 to be exact.
  22. Zyll


    How do you get Vaicom to work with the radios in the Apache? Specifically, do you need to map multiple Vaicom radio PTTs, or can you use the RTS rocker to select the desired radio, then use one Vaicom PTT to communicate on the selected radio? I'd like to be able to rocker to the UHF, speak "Truman Select" and it would tune the UHF to my Truman freq. It doesn't seem to work that way though. I've used Vaicom successfully in the Hornet and the Huey, so I have a good idea what i'm doing, but the Apache is still a mystery.
  23. Zyll


    Main thing that Vaicom brings is immersive radio comms with AI, like tankers and jtac and the super carrier. I like it alot, but it's not a macro button pusher, that's where VoiceAttack comes in.
  24. Ahh yes, that's it, good catch
  25. Barometric alt appears in the top right when you have the pitch ladders showing with transition symbology, but it would not appear otherwise. Radar alt should show all the time.
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