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  1. I did it Sunday and while it was a close thing I didn't have any trouble evading it. Hard right turn and dumped countermeasures and it missed. Had them set to semi auto and didn't make any other changes to the programs or anything else with the countermeasures.
  2. We AAR, go to WP4 and contact magic, Smoke takes off to the SE and I park at WP4. He goes out about 50 miles or so then just turns around and heads back to mother. Never makes a tape's on call or anything.
  3. I need separate ON and OFF bindings for the fuel dump switch, not just the generic ON/OFF as the only option as it is now. If there is a way for me to manually add this in the lua please someone direct me to instructions on how to do so.
  4. +1 Being able to just adjust the software to match where the physical detents are on your throttle would be huge. No more crazy trial and error with curves and saturation settings. Yes, please.
  5. That being the case, what would be the best way to get eyes on a target area using the TGP if you intend to drop dumb bombs with CCIP?
  6. Sorry if this has been covered before. Say I have a dumb bomb selected and in CCIP mode on the stores page. If I select a waypoint and hit WPDSG on the HSI the HUD goes into AUTO mode even though on the stores page mode still indicates as CCIP. I can go into the stores page and hit mode and select CCIP and then it turns the HUD back to CCIP mode but if I un-designate that waypoint and hit WPDSG again or use the TPOD to select a target it goes back into AUTO on the HUD. Is this behavior correct?
  7. Sorry if I missed this somewhere and this a redundant question; but, is there a way in the mission editor to set up the 3 separate wp sequences? Or can this only been done in cockpit as of now?
  8. Try push button 14 on the a/c data page. Changes the format of the decimal seconds. Can't remember the exact specifics, sorry. There only two options, change it from the default setting. This is conjunction with the precise setting, which is push button 19 on the same screen, should get you right.
  9. I just finished raven one and it was the most fun I've had in single player dcs so far.
  10. Maybe the MIG29 is a bit much after the two F4s considering Weed gets shot down 9/10 times. I honestly thought that him getting shot down was scripted it happened so many times. The one time he didn't get shot down and we started bugging SW the MIG29 comes out of nowhere with no EW warning and puts an IR missile up my tail pipe and Weed's 2 seconds later like some kind of terminator hunter killer drone. EDIT: I ended up just bugging out by heading for the deck, getting fast, and egressing after the F4s and the 29 never came into play. Just wanted to say that this campaign was the most fun I've ever had with single player DCS. Superb job by everyone involved.
  11. I experienced these issues as well. No missiles were fired on me by the F14s after announcing TIGER and then nothing happened for quite a while. I decided to just go back to the back and finish the mission and progress, which worked.
  12. I may be misunderstanding how to use TWS properly but I once I lock up an initial L&S target it won't clear no matter what. Hitting reset doesn't clear it, switching to RWS and depressing TDC on open air where there is no target, ACM modes, nothing takes that L&S target off my scope. When I go off bore it just hangs on one edge of the radar display or the other, even if the supposed target is directly behind me. This makes my TDC cursor useless in relation to getting bulls calls because the information for TDC as it relates to bulls in the upper left is stuck on this target that I cannot drop not matter what I do. Is this normal?
  13. I made sure to stay above 15k and put my dispenser on S/A mode so it was dumping chaff like crazy when I triggered it and I was able to survive the attack run this time. However, the AAR part of the mission is seriously buggy. When I get up behind the tanker and used the radio to call ready pre-contact, it just keeps repeating the chicks in tow dialog line and doesn't let me ever hook up to the basket. I had plenty of fuel so this was no biggie. So I just said abort rejoin and then formed up on the right and the dialog popped calling for 2 to refuel. She just dropped back like a mile and hung back there doing nothing for like 5 minutes, then 4 got on the basket (he was super low on fuel from catching up to us when I hauled ass out of the AO), using the SA page to check his fuel it seemed like he got almost a full load, he was showing 10.1 on the SA page for his fuel. He finished then went back to left wing of the tanker and then 2 came up and plugged in. After she was done the dialog progressed and 4 said he was going to take fuel but I guess because he already did he just stayed on the left wing of the tanker indefinitely and never did anything. The mission wouldn't progress past that point. I just went ahead and switched to marshall and called inbound and headed back to the ship with 2 on my right wing the whole time in the pattern and down to the deck, I had no way to kiss her off because the triggers were still stuck with 4 on the tanker's left wing just flying around. The mission still completed when I got back aboard mother so I can move on, thank goodness. But, yea, the AAR part was super buggy. Still loving the campaign and having a blast with it. Thanks, Baltic, for your work and responses here on the forum.
  14. Yep, me too. Stay on leads wing until we get told to drop, turn left on target, get a launch warning and 5 seconds later I'm dead, happened twice now. I have ECM doing it's xmit thing and I'm dumping chaff and flare. Happened twice now. Also, while my lifeless corpse and mangled jet were plummeting to the deck I went ahead and hit F6 to check the progress of the 3 munitions I was able to get off and at least one of them landed in the water right in between the boats. I definitely plugged in the coordinates accurately. Gonna give it a third go here shortly but I don't know what else I can do differently.
  15. I too would be grateful if someone could explain this in a bit more depth please. Venom only gives you 6 numbers per north and east and elevation. How am I supposed to get accurate 8 digit/precise coordinates out of that? He gave me 16ft N 25 54 00 E 54 32 55. That was a few football fields away from the targets. How could I have turned that into something more precise??
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