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  1. OK, it's not a problem for this time. Because there is only Chinese dubbing at the time of release, and English dubbing is still in production and will be released in the near future.
  2. Which Mission? Or all the Missions? Check your DCS version and language settings. Generally speaking, only Chinese DCS client can activate Chinese dialogue.
  3. LotATC 或 Tacviwe 专业版,利用其实时数据输出功能(需要服务器开放数据输出)。
  4. 这是新加的功能,用来显示飞机飞控实际的输入量与你(红色)人工的输入量。目前阿帕奇已经有一部分的飞控介入了,等自动尾舵功能做完,就会很明显了。
  5. OK,这是一个对于MAD(共同毁灭)战役的BUG和意见反馈。如果你能够使用英语,可以直接在论坛的战役板块找到作者直接反馈,如果不能的话,可以在此直接中文留言,不定期翻译。
  6. Got it There should be a problem with the setting of a certain integral. I will deal with it as soon as possible.
  7. What version is your DCS? Stable or Openbeta?
  8. After receiving this message, I'll check the reason carefully. Is there any information about the version of your DCS, especially when there is a problem.
  9. do you have TRK files for this missions? I will check the reason from the Trk file. In addition, I didn't consider the settings related to scores at that time. I'll take a closer look at their conditions.
  10. Yes, there are many different voices, and the original purpose of our production was to try a different style to avoid the same campaign. All suggestions will be carefully studied to improve the later works and make them better, Thanks for your suggest~
  11. Hi, @Tinchus2009 I checked your Trk and found that you selected a wrong target before launching the first missile. The correct target is the target ON Wp1 Waypoint, not the target on the left of Wp1. Because the target you selected is a gunboat, which is very small and cannot be detected by the missile, the missile exploded.
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