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  1. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4288414&postcount=290 Wasn’t really a guarantee anyways
  2. Ya I look forward to it in single player. :thumbup:
  3. Gives the systems a better computation of range of tgt, thus better drops. Science :thumbup:
  4. Ya I bet something could be done, as the rotor wing in sim has dust and water effects down low..?
  5. that was better than coffee !! :thumbup:
  6. Thanks Kate, clear and concise Comms I love it. Stay safe and healthy :thumbup:
  7. Try to roll back nvidia drivers to 441.87 or older. Worked for myself and others:thumbup:
  8. Before engaging, Step through all you stations and change them to TOO mode and you won’t have tgp slew off tgt.
  9. Talk to Wags and company about it. He explained it quite clearly in the interview.:thumbup:
  10. Ya this is pathetic, the lives of your fellow service members always come first. The military high brass are nothing but political cowards. This Skipper should be awarded and navy secretary kicked in the head.:thumbup:
  11. It’s not just the viper it’s all aircraft with hud. Bignewy knows about it on discord as I linked this to him and said they will take a look.
  12. I rolled back to 441.87 and works perfectly, and for those who are concerned about playing Half-life Alex it runs perfect on this driver with rift s.:thumbup: new drivers are trash
  13. Ha what are they saying? Does the shell Lua deal with how the guns are mounted.......?
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