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  1. That's great Sticky, you should have said you were having a problem getting it I would have sent you it!
  2. Yes I was about to ask you if you were sure you had replaced the onlay file! Do you know which one it was? Maybe onlay_vpp.sup?
  3. Well.. as you probably know the temptextures files will overule other files/textures. You do mention "terrain\onlay". I'm pretty sure that my mod doesn't do anything at all in that folder. Maybe that is your problem? You have removed a required file?
  4. I did manage to get it installed myself. I think that my initial problem was that Modman wsn't working properly with 1.02 and was writing to the original .cfg file. However I think the version you are using is the correct one and should work. If I get chance I'll have a look at the .cfg file and post the settings for you to check. Do you get the green check box in Modman when you install the mod... or is it red?
  5. @Skypat: When I load up Modman it asks me for the path to Blackshark but refuses to accept it. I've manually put it in "Registry.ini" but it still says "show me the way to the root folder". MODMAN Version 7.20 This is a clean install of BS with 1.02 patch. The game runs fine. EDIT: Fixed the problem by adding "x86" into the paths in Modman.ini
  6. Thanks for the info. LOL yeh.. something like that. I just have vague memories of how to install stuff now. It's a bit like my vague memories of putting 10gb of runway files in a desktop folder. Changed computer... GONE.. I had to download my own bloody mod! I guess version 3.0 really is the final! :doh:
  7. Probably the dumbest question of 2010.. However does my mod work with the latest version 1.02? (I've been away from the game for a long time.)
  8. Damn. Really need an answer to this issue, ideally a dev or a logitech rep stating exactly what actually needs to be done. For now I'm sticking with the non-ffb X52. It would be more understandable if I hadn't heard that Wags himself has got a G940!
  9. Whilst this makes sense I don't actually think this is the case. Hajduk's linked video appears to show that the FFB can place the joystick exactly. The hall effect sensors (or pots in the evo I assume) should be able to provide accurate coordinates for the FFB mechanism. In addition IF the slack was normal then the slack would (probably) always be present. In other words the FFB mechanism would only take affect if the stick was moved a few degrees which doesn't appear to be the case. On top of that, the FFB mechanism would struggle to return the stick to the center position and there would be slack. Admittedly a slack has been mentioned with the G940 but Logitech have (AFAIK) said that this is down to BS, not the stick.
  10. There seems to be an issue with the G940 where the stick, by default, recenters itself when you let go because there is a "deadman" sensor. A user mentioned that he covers his up with sticky tape. Logitech have said that it is a safety measure to stop the stick from flying off the desk. I'm not totally sure how the rudder works with the G940 & trim, I suspect you re-center it yourself though. There also seems to be some problem atm with the G940 FFB not working at under 20 deg deflection, Logitech have suggested that this might be the game causing this.. again I'm not sure about this being definite.
  11. Having just tried an old MS FFB at work I can confirm the MS stick behaves exactly as you describe. The G940 however, according to blaster, seems to do the opposite "violently" recentering when you take your hand off.. exactly what you don't want!
  12. Thanks for the info blaster, will wait for more info from you. This deadman sensor hole is really odd! Can't believe you can't disable it in software!?! What on earth can you use it for??
  13. My current setup is with the Saitek X52 PRO & Saitek rudder pedals. Whilst it works fine with Blackshark (I still tend to use Flight Director) I've longed for the hold feature of FFB and the G940 seemed the perfect solution. The G940 is out in a few days and I'm seriously considering buying one. The snag is that the only game I would be using it with would be Blackshark and I'm very uncertain as to how well it will work with either the original trimmer or the new trimmer implementation. My concern is that you still (apparently) can't disconnect the rudder from the trimmer. My understanding is therefore that the G940 joystick will hold position but I will have to recenter the rudder either quickly (original) or at my leisure (new) but with a lockout on the controls until I do. I'm also concerned that the new trimmer implementation won't work at all with the FFB because the joystick will never recenter if trimmed away from neutral. I heard that Wags has been testing the G940 but can anyone comment on how well the G940 will work with BS and how BS needs to be setup?
  14. It should be but I would suggest using V3.0 here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=37246
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