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  1. With the latest NVIDIA update I ran DCS right after, so so 3D effect. Ran NVI and made one arbitrary change (stereo profile on) which probably not even needed, and click Apply changes. Ran DCS again, and got improved 3D visuals and clarity like before the update. So I think each NVIDIA update somehow gives us suboptimal images in VR as it always resets your profile, and this is fixed by just using NVI and save over the default profile. Check and see if this is the case with you when the next update comes.
  2. According to my personal testings, clicking Apply changes to the global or DCS profile via NVI is all that is needed to get optimized stereoscope and clarity. I don’t know for sure if this also applies to other people’s PC.
  3. No idea for the quick fix on other issues, seems like it is going to need a firmware update for this. I already emailed Dragon about it. You might have to use the older firmware for now. Didn't realize they already annouced the Haptics, lol. Yep that's to one to get. Haptics feedback, how cool is that.
  4. I don't think changing stereo profile to on, or any additional parameters, did anything, it is just so that I can click Apply Changes afterward and cause it to save over the default profile. Sometimes unless you make a change clicking save will not save.
  5. Ok found the CM2 and just tested it. Note that I'm using experimental firmware which is a little further ahead than the single HID device firmware but mostly similar. So, basically there are switches that are continuously on or depressed with that grip (#31, 35, 39-46, 48-60). But all the buttons on the grip works normally (those excess buttons in ON state are not attached to any button the CM2 grip). And interestingly, if you press the paddle button 3 is activated but all those ON switches become deactivated. Since all the buttons on the grip works for me it should work fine in DCS, but you'll have to do manual bindings (select the button number directly) in DCS instead of pressing a button to assign--as numerous buttons are already ON by default and will be registered instead. Also make sure that those ON switches are not already assigned to any function in DCS, so a clean binding is recommended. This is likely fixable via firmware, but check with Realsim tech support for this. I'll also let Dragon know about this issue.
  6. Do not buy any RS grip yet *hint*. I still haven't found the CM2 (hidden somewhere in my basement), only found my VKB stuff.
  7. New GeForce driver is out. I urge people to update then try DCS right away without making any change to the current profile and then compared the visuals after you make the change with NVI. Let’s see what happens. I’m not going to dial in any parameters with NVI, just going to hit apply changes on the second run. EDIT: Got slight increase in 3D effect and clarity again after NVI apply changes (This time I made no parameter changes other than stereo profile on, but I don't think any input besides Apply Changes has any meaningful effect). So I'm mostly convinced that every new update did something bad to the default profile (at least my profile) causing reduced clarity and less 3D stereoscopic effect and this got corrected after running NVI.
  8. The CM2 base is also my go to for center mounted setup. It is very hard for me to use other joystick grips after owning the Realsim ones.
  9. I’ll check with my CM2 grip later today, if I can find it (haven’t touched it in the past few years).
  10. The only supported non-Realsimulator grips, I believe, are the Thrustmaster ones. Virpil grips DX buttons are assigned differently and will likely need special firmware for compatibility, which is not likely to happen. There’s also some new features related to the upcoming hardware that will set it further apart from conventional joysticks
  11. I managed to reproduce this screen…by running SteamVR without Varjo Base app first. So, first run Varjo Base...then optionally SteamVR either by manual start or via Steam compatible apps.
  12. And if you like post processing utility, Reshade 5 is highly recommended. Back when I was still using the Index, Reshade made me feel like getting a new headset with just sharpening filter. There is a Reshade guide in the Varjo general guide thread which is applicable to any SteamVR headsets, the suggested numbers won’t be the same due to different screen types and resolutions.
  13. With the latest SteamVR beta, I don’t see significant performance difference between OpenVR vs OpenXR mode on my Aero headset so I’m actually using Steam’s OpenVR mostly these days. I think Steam’s OpenVR mode is just fine for SteamVR headsets such as Index.
  14. This thread is about Varjo Aero general setup, not sure the content here is applicable to the Rift S.
  15. Not sure it’s possible with DCS at present. The OpenXR mod works by translating Steam’s OpenVR into OpenXR, but it also bypasses the SteamVR hence the supported headset has to have direct access to OpenXR. I think the Valve Index can only use OpenXR via Steam so it won’t work with DCS. For the very few games out there that use native OpenXR API (MSFS, Hubrix demo), the toolkit should work. The devs can probably make it run via Steam’s OpenXR, but the very purpose of this mod is to reduce Steam overhead by bypassing SteamVR so even if it works you won’t see any performance increase.
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