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  1. Khopa's version isn't just a UI overhaul. It is a complete overhaul of the entire system. Instead of generating small little chunks of the campaign for each mission, it simulates the entire conflict during each mission. You can see every flight go out and do their objectives as you do yours. It also takes into account all damage done by everything in a mission and that carries over to the next turn. It is very similar to EECH now, that's a great comparison.
  2. This mod seems to use your registry to find where DCS is installed. The registry entry points to the initial place DCS gets installed then never changes. Search your registry for "DCS World". You may have to go through a few entries. Eventually you'll see one with a path pointing to the install directory. Modify that key to point to the DCS install you want to use.
  3. Just had a new bug. Playing on the new campaign map, two missions in a row I created a F14 CAP group and gave it a waypoint to the frontline from Soganlug. Looking at the track file both F14 start behaving erratically right after spawn, going level then diving then level again. This goes on for about a minute then eventually both crash into the ground. The F15 CAP group I gave the same orders to flew there fine. I think I gave the F14s a zero second start both times, and the F15s had a 3 minute start EDIT: Just gave the F14s a 3 minute start and it happened again.
  4. Great info, thanks. Yesterday I jumped into an M1A1 to finish off a few stragglers after a CAS group hit them. Unfortunately the VR support is pretty bad for combined arms, but I was able to take out their remaining tank. I haven't had this much fun in a sim since I first got my hands on Falcon 4.
  5. Very happy with the loadouts fix. Just flew a great mission in the new campaign. I love that big mountain between the first two bases. Flew in a SEAD flight, right after the mountain ran into a bunch of bogeys. Shot off 4 HARMs at about 25 miles out, then ran back into the mountains and did some awesome NOE flying through the valleys to escape the Mig29s. Got both of us back safe, and every HARM hit so their airbase is pretty open for attack now. Does bombing the actual airport reduce their aircraft?
  6. Amazing stuff here. So if I pick a "Defensive" posture, it actually puts less units on the map? If I say have 6 M1A1s at a base and pick "Defensive", will it only deploy a fraction of those?
  7. Ground units need to physically move into a base to capture it? How exactly does this work? Is there a large trigger box and if they are in it at the end of a mission you get the base? Also, what do all the different ground unit settings mean and how do units behave differently according to them? (aggressive, ambush, etc)?
  8. Thanks for the response Khopa, that all sounds fantastic. Also, take a look at my post again. I've been adding stuff to it since you replied. Unfortunately I didn't add new stuff right on the end, a lot of it is in the middle.
  9. As for the performance improvements, which are the most CPU intensive? I'm not that familiar with DCS' engine. Do moving ground units hit the hardest out of that list? It would be a shame to lose those. Is it just a matter of how many units there are? Would getting rid of infantry give a bigger benefit as it would eliminate a ton of ground units? Also, what is "RED alert mode" for SAMs, and how much does that impact performance?
  10. That was quick! Great stuff in there. Amazing work! Some more bugs/feedback (I've been adding to this list all day as things come to me): When picking a waypoint for a mission, the waypoint list is not in alphabetical order. Parts of it are, but there are many breaks where it starts over. Even better, adding text field where you could enter a string and the list would filter to that string would be awesome. (EDIT: I just realized this filter functionality is already there if I highlight the selection box!) In the new northern campaign, your base "Soganlug" has no base defenses. Also, how do base defenses work exactly? Can you add to them, or once they are destroyed they are gone for good? Rearranging the flights in the flight list from earliest to latest after user changes flight times. Add option to show only red/blue/both flight paths on the campaign map in the app Having the flight planner default to the last base modified when opening the planner. Right now it defaults to the base at the top of the list. Would it be possible to add "go to flight planner" option directly from clicking on a base in the map? You already have a dialog picker that appears when you click on a base. Putting your current budget on the unit buying screen that goes down to reflect purchases made there (maybe this is there and I'm missing it?) Saving custom load outs in the flight planner. Also, when creating a custom loadout, have the current loadout for the selected task be in the loadout screen to give you something to work from. When I knock out a SAM radar, the circle for that SAM site still appears on the campaign map in the app. This may be intentional? Does the enemy fix/replace/add SAM sites as the campaign progresses? Not sure if this one is possible, but add an option for fog of war in the F10 map- Show/don't show unspotted aircraft Show/don't show unspotted ground units Show/don't show unspotted SAM site If that is possible, does it add a ton of CPU load? A simpler/less intensive thing might be toggles to enable/disable seeing enemy aircraft, ground units and/or SAM sites on the F10 map.
  11. Just tried the first middle east scenario for the first time. This is a lot less chaotic. Felt a lot better to fly around in. That first Caucasus scenario was like locked in a refrigerator with 5 guys swinging hammers at each other.
  12. You need to delete a flightgroup out of the ready menu and create a new flight out of those platforms. You can then assign them to do anything you want.
  13. Ah ok I got it. If I pass a turn, I take it nothing happens at all? Except I get more money? Also, I just ran a bunch of tests on loadouts. I did indeed have custom loadouts in the mission editor for CAP flights, and I erased them. However, no matter what my task is the mission editor always shows 4 aim 9s and 2 aim 7s (which is what I get when I fly the mission). I set myself to both SEAD and Strike mission types in the Liberation app and both of them gave me that loadout.
  14. Is there a way to transfer aircraft or ground units to a new base once you have taken it over?
  15. Another cool thing I noticed is I can command my ground troops because I have combined arms. I had a tank column assault a SAM site to clear the way for my A10 to get a infantry column behind it.
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