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  1. Ships are unable to move within a couple hundred metres of a shore. This makes it impossible to have moving ships in ports. Steps to reproduce: 1) Place a ship near the coast and give it a waypoint to proceed to, OR place a ship far from the coast and set one of it's waypoints to be near the coast - about 500 metres in my limited experience. 2) Run the mission and observe as the ship is unable to move.
  2. Fantastic write-up, DCS is sorely missing in this area and it has only become more noticeable with the Hind. Hopefully this one catches ED’s attention better than my attempt...
  3. Ralfidude recently made a video examining the effects of jammers on SAMs and found that they have basically no effect. Is this a bug? Video: (2) Jammer Effectiveness in DCS - YouTube
  4. +1 for this, Overlordbot is amazing, and I really miss the declare feature from the forbidden F16 sim when playing DCS.
  5. I have a 3-ship of Mig-29s set up to go intercept anyone in a zone using Fighter Sweep role with the "Search then Engage in Zone" advanced waypoint action. Obviously this can't just work properly, because this is DCS. Instead the Migs do some strange manoeuvres on their way to the zone, and only two of them make it there because the third gets distracted by... something? The ground? A passing schoolbus? Trackfile via dropbox due to forum limit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifd8h83yu5w10tl/searchthenengage%20issue.trk?dl=0
  6. With the apparent death of Ranger79’s statics mod, I’ve found myself wanting when it comes to statics in the mission editor. Some placeable static HESCO-style barriers, gates and SAM entrenchments for creating custom FARP/FOBs and SAMs would be a huge boon for missions involving field bases, especially with the Hind on the horizon. Right now the best we can do to set up a barrier around a base is to use shipping containers, with LOMAC quality to boot. These don’t have to be super-ultra-8K quality; in fact it would be better if they weren’t so that more could be placed down. Additionally, higher-quality factory and other industrial buildings would be awesome. The current two options we have look like they’re straight out of the 90s, and provide very little variety. Making the existing non-placeable industry bits that we see on the maps would be a big step on its own.
  7. Some older USN ships like the Spruance or Kidd-class would go great with Heatblur’s upcoming carrier. Our Russian navy is also completely devoid of destroyers; an Udaloy to complement our modern Kuznetsov and maybe a Kresta-class for the Tomcat era would be awesome. There’s also that Ropucha-class LST that’s been sitting around in the game files since forever.
  8. EDIT 3: SOLVED, there were no aircraft in the airfield's warehouse inventory, and DCS being the wonderfully clear and straightforward program it is presents this by just ejecting the player into spectator. I'm trying to test a mission that has multiple FA-18 client slots, however when I select a slot and click "briefing" the game just shows me the F2 view of a different AI jet and doesn't even spawn an FA-18. And yes, I do own the Hornet and it is installed. Campaigns and other multiplayer servers work just fine. How do I fix this? log file: dcs.log EDIT: This seems to only be a problem with this particular mission, so here's the .miz: FKDCS_SNGL_RunwayStrikeV2.miz EDIT 2: I have tried deleting and replacing the offending aircraft and placing another, and the issue persists. It is happening with all the modules I own in that mission.
  9. That’s probably it, thanks. I don’t remember having to do this before, did it automatically increment the number before or is my memory just hazy?
  10. Edit: resolved, see below In a mission, if I want to have several zones with markers on them using the MARK TO X action, only one of the markers will actually spawn when the mission is run. Tested with MARK TO ALL and MARK TO COALITION in 2 different .miz files. track: only one marker.trk
  11. I'm having the same issue in a single-player mission. In the attached track, GRUPPA 1 and GRUPPA 2 are not moving, however the infantry does just fine. tanks not moving.trk
  12. My thoughts exactly. Before the EF2000 was announced I probably would have gone for a F15C too if someone made one, but a 4th-gen Sukhoi is probably on the top of my list, aside from core game features. HOWEVER, I’d be much more inclined to buy it if it isn’t being developed by ED, and if it is, only when it’s feature-complete.
  13. We're having a similar issue on our server: http:// https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=269929
  14. Latest OB Update. Having ground units that are set to travel "on road" will cause the server to stop responding correctly. Clients will still be able to fly around, but from their perspective nothing moves and everything is invincible. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1. Create a mission with a convoy of vehicles moving from A to B, a decent distance apart, set to "on road". 2. Host the mission as a server and get a buddy to join. 3. Watch the server come to its knees when the AI tries to pathfind. I don't have a .trk at the moment, but if its a bug it should be easy to reproduce. It probably won't affect most servers since bugs with moving convoys like this seem to pop up every other update, so nobody uses them. EDIT: Alright, after some more testing it seems that existing ground units are also not responding to CA commands. EDIT 2: Appears to be a similar issue to this https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=4290798
  15. ATC isn't turning on the runway lights when it's dark. I'm not sure if this only happens in multiplayer since I don't always use the ATC. Steps to reproduce: 1. Contact ATC and announce inbound. Follow their vectors until you realise they're just messing with you and find the runway on your own. 2. Request landing and get cleared. 3. Note the lack of landing lights. track (dropbox due to size): https://www.dropbox.com/s/otb134yf9y7njpc/Battle%20for%20the%20North_rev15122019-20200411-151929.trk?dl=0
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