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  1. Hi. Is there a way to get a SAM system to lock it's fire control radar to you and NOT fire? I have tried setting state RED and weapons hold on ROE. This does not lock me. I have set the intercept range to 10%, and that does not solve this for me. Is there a way?
  2. The Tomcat has a yet uncatered for coordinate format. Taking a coordinate from the F-10 map leaves you calculating what a six digit lat/long would be for a 5 digit Tomcat format. I know they are close. But still the last digit is not accurate just by removing it and ignoring it. What the Tomcat F-14 needs: N37"57'8 W115"23'9 What is displayed currently as closest approximation: N37"57'48 W115"23'52 These two coordinates represent the same point as far as the editor and the sim goes. Can we please have an L_ALT + Y option for the Tomcat format please?
  3. I would like the texture of the carriers to be artificially altered to show the zones where things can be placed without conflict. I do not mind a carrierdeck to gave green and red zones or what ever the colour on the top down view. Only in the editor mind you. Would make decking out and placing units way more easy.
  4. Would be a good idea to be able to select what catapults are active. If disabled there will be no ground crew standing there and AI aircraft will not try to hook up to them. Planes and other gear can then be on display on the bow by CAT 1 and 2 without AI ever attempting to launch from there.
  5. Hi, could we please have the option in the special menu to select factory new cockpit look? Some like the aircraft worn and some like it new and fresh, and readable. I know, I know, it is beautifully made, and much work went into it to make it look good. and job WELL DONE! However, having the option for a factory new look with all labels readable would go a long way for me. And yes, there are modded textures etc. I just want it to be a part of the module from you Heatblur. Regards Ducksen
  6. Currently this aircraft has no random faults. I would further like to have the ability to inflict a fault to an F-16C flying without the pilot knowing, in multiplayer for training. Hope to see this in a not so distant future update.
  7. +1 for multiplayer faults! It is needed for training and specific scenarios.
  8. I would like to have native in DCS an option tick box for audio broadcast with AI. Or some better name. So that the call for the carrier where your pilot says marking moms 235 for 35 bla bla. That that part is silent, and only the reply and voice from ATC, JTAC etc etc are the ones that you hear. I find it weird to hear an AI talking on my behalf. And would make for better immersion in multiplayer, multicrew etc etc.
  9. I would like to see a Barents sea map seeing as there has been some flights there and intercepts in the region. Low topography should make this an easy map to make compared to others. Have ice flakes, snow and cold waters.
  10. I would like to have the Barents sea as a map. Should be easy enough compared to other maps with loads of topography. Having ice flakes, snow and dark blue cold waters. There are quite a bit of real intercepts going on in that region.
  11. + 1 And please, please add a kneeboard designer in the mission editor, so a mission designer can remove irrelevant airfield charts and setup only what is relevant for the mission directly from the editor.
  12. +1 Options for ocean swell would be nice. I would and should be up to the mission editor to balance it accordingly.
  13. When in the editor selecting start from runway they start from parking hot. This happens in multiplayer only. To be clear, when you start the mission by your self they behave as expected, here taking off from runway. However, start that same mission file as a multiplayer session they start from a parking spot hot and taxi to the runway. Why is this an issue? If you have placed units on the ground at various parkings to liven up the airfield they potentially spawn into blocked parkings by stationary parked aircraft. Hope so see this issue resolved.
  14. MULTICREW: The IFR hood can be seen from the external view, but not sitting in the rear cockpit. It is as if it is not there. And pushing the mapped button for the IFR hood to extend or retract it jitters and wants to stay retracted. Again, only viewable from front seat and in external for both. Hope to have this fixed as I have a few mates I would like to use it with. SINGLE PLAYER: In single player mode, it works just fine!
  15. I tried all that and no luck. HOWEVER! I found the problem and have a solution! I found that under the VR tab in the settings menu there is a slider for pixel density. THAT slider had had changed after an update and was set to 2X. So glad I found that. Thanks for the read from you all and the suggestion from you jurinko.
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