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  1. Another guy told me to make my own and showed me an example he did on his computer using his Xbox controller instead of a mouse and I'm like....how the heck did you put a screen shot of a joystick in the middle of a spreadsheet and then draw a straight line from one of the boxes to a button? lol
  2. Can the file be coverted to a pdf? I ask because I don't own Power Point and I don't know how to use it either but I do have Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. What app do I need to open that file? Winblows is telling me I need one. heh
  4. I have a whole set of Virpil gear arriving tomorrow including rudder pedals, desk mounts, VPC Constellation ALPHA-R, and VPC MongoosT-50CM3 Throttle. (Sorry for the bold text on the throttle, nothing I did made it look normal after copy/pasting.) I'm looking for blank templates for both items, any recommendations?
  5. How about adding these for viewing mission replays? Seems like a no-brainer issue that should have been included from the beginning.
  6. Are there video player controls for this such as rewind and fast forward?
  7. I tried the mouse scroll wheel and it made me zoom in, that's in addition to showing the ruler.
  8. I'm not sure why it works and sometimes it doesn't but deselecting the ruler and then selecting it again "fixes" whatever is causing it to not work.
  9. Can someone explain the mechanics of using the mission editor ruler please? I've gotten it to work a couple of times but I can't duplicate what I've done because I mess with things so much trying to get it to work and then all of a sudden it's working and I'm like....ok, what the frick did I do? lol
  10. Truth. I've actually seen F-4E's being cart started.
  11. Yes, I have an X-56. It's challenging to keep the stick all the way to the right, a bit forward AND full right rudder at the same time though.
  12. I be the poor. Thanks for your help Baldrick, I got off the ground on my first try but I didn't stay airborne long before I crashed and burned. At least I was airborne for a few seconds.
  13. I don't have rudder pedals. Are you saying to read the prop pitch gauge like a clock? The commands to increase/decrease prop pitch are the increase/decrease engine rpm commands?
  14. I've seen a lot of posts saying to use manual prop pitch but the gauge is in German and I don't speak or read Germany Talk so how do I know how to set the prop pitch?
  15. I've spent hours trying to get this thing off the ground. I have the takeoff assist off and yet I keep careening out of control.
  16. We never practiced loading the LAU-117 we always used the LAU-88. In the load barn we'd practice single loads on the appropriate side rail but usually we practiced preloaded LAU-88's. I was the 3 man on our crew and connecting cables and such was the job of the 2 man so I'll give you the nod on the cable connections.
  17. Wow, the FGR2 didn't even get a good nuke? What's this world coming to?
  18. F-4 could carry the B-61 and B-57 on both the centerline rack and both inboard pylons. I had to certify with both muntions on both stations. Could it carry more than one at a time? Maybe, maybe not but I'm not sure why they would, nukes are pretty darn effective one at a time.
  19. I'm pretty sure the B-57 and B-61 both extended past the end of the inboard pylon by a few inches. Sidewinders on AERO-3B's and bombs loaded on TERs didn't though but those nukes were kinda long as I recall. Kinda fat too. Actually, that's wrong. I'd forgotten just how far forward the bomb rack was mounted in that inboard pylon. https://phantomphacts.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-f-4-inboard-pylons.html
  20. We're getting a naval variant also, they just haven't said which one yet.
  21. The launcher pin safed the launcher electrically, if it wasn't pulled you couldn't fire the missile. Normally the safety pins had long red streamers on them to make it harder to miss but if the streamer was missing the EOR crew could easily miss pulling that pin.
  22. No such thing as an arming cable for the Maverick on the Phantom. I used to load those things. There was an electrical cable connecting the launcher (enables communication between the aircraft and missile) to the pylon but in my experience it was the job of the load crew to connect it and not the end of runway crew. If that cable hadn't been connected you wouldn't have been able to use the missile at all, no lock on, no firing, no nothing. If the malfunction was indeed the fault of the EoR crew (End of Runway) then in my experience it was most likely a safety pin that was left in either the launcher or the pylon. I don't recall for sure if the pylon safety pin had both a mechanical and electric function but the launcher pin most certainly did.
  23. You could learn on the E while you wait for a naval variant, and a naval variant is coming.
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