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  1. CrazyGman

    Radar functions

    At this point we still need to see "Anything" regarding the radar in operation. It's been over a year since they initially said they wanted to put the Mirage in early access and we don't have so much as a screen shot of the radar in any mode.
  2. No worries, I thought the same thing as you at first but the fire coming out the back made me wonder, and I thought that would be a odd mistake for them to make. Also at first they didn't have even the shell cassings animated at the launch of early access, so I guess they are doing then seperate and hopefully some day we'll get the linkages as well.
  3. slow the video in youtube to 0.25 speed. The flames obscure it a bit. But first the shell cassings come out the back, followed shortly after by the linkages from the 90 degree chute. You'll see nothing but linkages comes out of the chute. This also makes sense because the back flame is coming from the chamber clearing which is where the spent casings go. It's also like that on a M240L (FN MAG) linkages go out the side chute, shell casings go out the bottom and slightly back. Just due to the size and rate of fire with the Gast setup on the GSh-30-2k you get the huge flame out the back
  4. No it's correct you need to look more closely, and slow the video. The shells casings come out the back as in game, the 90 chute is for the linkages. They haven't gotten around to animating it yet.
  5. It seems when I'm in the pilot seat of the Mi-24P Hind when at default re-entered position I'm just a little too far back in the seat, (like my back has merged with the back of the seat rather then just in front of it) resetting my environment doesn't seem to fix it. I'm using a G2. My seating position in the AH-64D seems fine
  6. Yeah fair enough. OK if the S-8KOM has the armor piercing component the that makes more sense on that end. It just seems odd I guess. The S-8KOM is basically the weapon of choice used a lot, so I was a bit surprised to see that the M151 hir harder on soft targets and could be further from the target to do decent damage.
  7. Yeah but that is my point the warhead Weight for the S-8s are this S-8KOM 3.6 kg (1.1 kg of Hecphol-5/A-IX-10 explosive S-80FP2 9.2 kg (2.8 kg of explosive) both have more actual explosive then the M151 is the S-80FP2 using full warhead weight then? That still puts the S-8KOM lower far more then it should to the M151 I feel in game
  8. Well the S-8KOM is a heat warhead it's also suppose to have a fragmentation component that is lethal to 12 meters. But if the M151 is just high explosive the why does it have a higher piercing weight then the S-8KOM isn't that related to armor penetration?
  9. So looking at the explosive mass stats in game. The S-8KOM (which is the standard most common S-8 rocket used) seems to be really weak compared to the M151 which is the smaller rocket for the Hydra pod. Even the S-80FP2 which is a newer rocket and with a much bigger warhead supposedly is a lot weaker then the M151 rocket in game?
  10. Crap if that is the case the S-8KOM hits way way less then the much smaller warhead in real life as the M151 Why the heck is there so much of a difference, where would I even go to report to see if this is a bug?
  11. Posted on March 16, a little over 3 weeks old.
  12. Yeah basically that...although I feel they should have maybe spent a bit more time focusing on the radar instead of leaving the likely most complicated part last...I mean maybe I'm wrong and they've been developing it the whole time but we've seen nothing of the radar, except for the powered down scope in the cockpit no screen shots, no acm modes, for when they used the gun.... I mean at this point they should at least have put up a screenshot of the radar scope turned on and active...even if it ends up looking a bit different in final implementation.
  13. So currently the best rockets S-8 rockets for the Hind are the S-80FP2 rockets, as they do the most damage which makes sense because it's a HE frag rocket with a large warhead and the weight that goes with it, and it also is quite new, having come out in the 2010s However the S-8KOM is generally the most used rocket of the S-8 family and it's a HEAT frag warhead as well with a lethal range of about 12m supposedly. In game splash damage seems to be quite weak, and when compared to the M229 rocket which had a much smaller warhead weight wise. Does anyone else feel the damage of the S-8KOM rocket is weaker then it should be. Also can anyone confirm the date when S-80FP2s came out?
  14. Yeah i thought it only started after the first patch. In the initial release I believe it would stay put.
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