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  1. IDK maybe he is full of it or maybe you need to check some Vsync or autoexec file for the FPS line.. you could have a frame limiter.. But too be honest I tried DCS with a 1070K and the built in Intel iGPU and did not far as well either.. so maybe the vid is just a load a BS and 15 is as best as you can get..
  2. well if you played WT you have some basic flight ability now just learn the weapons systems of desired plane.. Try the A10C training missions
  3. maybe try uninstalling the wmr program. then when you go to install it get the updated mixed reality portal program to install the headset. or you could try a PCIe usb adapter not a hub.
  4. well I run setting similar but visible range to low and I have a 1070GTX and get in a very busy 4YA Online server with 24people in it like 37-43fps with Open XR.. I have the resolution pretty low but I have only a 1070 I would imagine with a 3080rtx would fair a bit better.. But it is a YMMV Kind of thing some people can stand lower FPS while some need them to be high it is all relative I guess. but If I had a 3080RTX I would imaginge I could pull at those settings at least 60-70% on the rez.. Currently I run 30% on the rez..
  5. Hmmm looks like you need an new PSU with the proper plugs.. EDIT: I did a google search or two some guy with a 7 year old PSU was able to get the correct cables but they where mainly saying it depends on the PSU but in this case I think you are SOL and need to get a new PSU.. I am not sure what else you could try perhaps someone lese knows something other then what I found out..
  6. Can you post some PC Specs also are you using any mods in DCS? Also would OpenXR be an option for your headset??
  7. yes VR is absolutely the coolest thing..
  8. No Sale.................................
  9. well what are your specs vs the reccomended server specs? but from what I gather if you have alot of memory 64gb or more on the PC you are hosting the dedicated server and playing DCS on you should be fine especially if you have multiple cores.. I would imaging tho if you had a dedicated computer for the dedicated server that had the reccomended specs that would be the optimal solution. as long as your current PC has 64gb or more ram and 6 or more cores you should also do well..
  10. Hey Guys, I just noticed something here. it seems some of the sounds are not working in the Apache? For instance when I do a cold start and fire up the APU I get nothing in the buttkicker, but in the test screen of SimShaker there is definetely a sound associated with the APU. So How can I tell if SimShaker is properly working in the Apache as I have no APU, Buttkicker sound when only the APU is on in a cold start.?
  11. Yes, I tried it again and it does work but is it really doing anything perceptable or just placebo?
  12. well not sure what I changed but I launched the dedicated server tonight and it only showed up once in the MP list?? wierd..
  13. @KevyKevTPA well that is fine when nothing is around but once you get into multiplayer and a full map things will get bogged down.. you might want to try getting dialed in with a more active mission and fly where there is action..
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