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  1. I tried this multiple times on both of my copies, release and OB and I cannot see the new button. In other words I dont think its working. Not on Steam. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Threads are flawless. 2 fingers to screw the two together. I cranked on the threads as they reached the fully homed position and I couldn't break them. They could be broken by unreasonable people. No one should be buying metal ones if they have a printer. What I printed is light, stiff without flex or play of any kind. I sent 5 pieces to them and they can just screw them together until they have the length they want and leave the rest in a closet. The guys love them. I think there is a stigma with 3d printing that exists. Too bad. Anyway they are made from PLA .2 layer 230/60 temp
  3. I just 3D printed a bunch for some guys that fly on my server. They turned out well. Both guys say the close in formation stuff is considerably smoother because of the longer moment. I used a 7cm one on my Virpil because the threading is exactly the same as the Warthog. They had to order the wire extensions. These printed ones have the advantage of being light so when longer ones are used the stock spring has a better chance of being able to return the stick to the centre. The metal ones will reach that place from centre where the stick will just flop to the extreme if let go. Can be printed in any colour and can be printed with curves. 3D Printing FTW:pilotfly:
  4. I think you should be limited to the g an untrained average civilian can sustain for all planes. Say 4-5.5 G for 15 seconds and then you are out like a light. Real life. If you want more G you choose the plane and you subscribe to a monthly G tolerance program. 5 dollars per month for an extra .5 G beginning at 5.5 and ending at 9. After you max out at 9 G you can then pay the same per extra second you can remain awake at your 9 G limit. So you kids that want to rip on the stick but couldn't possibly hope to do in real life can pay 35 dollars per month per plane to get to 9. Wait. I just thought of something. Maybe you subscribe to DCS with your credit card and pay for fuel and weapons and repairs. Say 25 cents per weapon and 2 cents per hundred pounds of fuel taken from ground and 5 cents from tanker. Pull more than 5.5 G and a surcharge is put on you per second per extra G above 5.5. Say 5 cents per second. Can you imagine how this would make the game more realistic. Wow Think of the revenue all those afterburner spamram junkies would generate for you guys. Maybe you could hire more people and they could deliver the rest of the planes I have paid for. I think this is my best idea yet.
  5. Is there a way to virtually commission the creation of the USS Donald John Trump aircraft carrier?
  6. Is it possible to install a bunch of skins on a dedicated server and have them show up for players that join or is it still just an individual install thing?
  7. Yeah on my system I am trying to figure out why my VR is so bad and I was exploring my cores when I ran across your post. i wanted to know if all my cores were in action. It seems to me that a logical processor is not the same as a core. It says that a logical processor is the result of multiplying a core by the thread (hyper threading) Something like that. anyways I cant show real core load, just the load of the logical processors. Either way its not going to help my issue.
  8. Did you show the 4 logical processors or the four cores?
  9. Ill buy another of your modules when its fixed. I think everyone should be on board with that ideology. You call it a feature. I call it a basic.
  10. I have money for a Corsair. Let gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  11. I used x65f for viper and its amazing. This and VR and Im pretty much there in the plane
  12. I setup my x65 and its amazing. Flawless. I did need to plug it into the throttle which is hidden under the chair and not in use. I use the Virpil throttle. I simply clear the column in DCS mapping of all x65f throttle commands and axis. Done
  13. Its nice to have a scale realistic F 16 stick isnt it. i also have the x65F. Most people have no clue it was ever made and that the stick doesnt move.
  14. This pitch oscillation happens at low fuel. It may have something to do with an altered centre of gravity and the flight control computer and flight model. If the C/G moves aft towards instability with fuel consumption it make a plane hunt in pitch. It also makes control of the longitudinal axis in pitch, difficult. If the flight control computers or more specifically the tailerons lacked fidelity or speed they would effectively lag behind attempting to control an unstable longitudinal axis. Also if the C/G is moving aft with fuel consumption it effectively puts more aircraft ahead of it. There is more mass ahead of the C/G. Try throwing a dart tail first. Since this is only a video game my explanation bears no consideration.
  15. Is there a way to force unlimited ammo for any given ground AAA unit? I want it to be able to keep engaging air targets without stopping. Thanks
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