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  1. That is so so so so so short sided.. EVERYBODY would buy it..
  2. Gwalker99

    Vietnam map

    They will get rich.. why would they laugh about that? EVERYBODY will buy this map...
  3. whats 20 bucks nowadays.. a certain idiot has made 20 bucks worth a nickel...
  4. Is this DCS 2000 the -5 model? and can it load LGB? thanks
  5. on the Mig 21... Stay 450 .. and never pull more than 5-6 G's and maneuver changing vectors ... the 21 cannot keep up without losing TONS of energy..then when the 21 is SLOW, put your nose on him and kill never go nose low though to let the 21 pick up speed.... that was what John Boyd said
  6. Gwalker99

    Vietnam map

    WOW nice.. are there multi play servers with this map? how to DL this?
  7. Gwalker99

    Vietnam map

    We need this so so so so bad... we got the F4 coming out.. and the Mig 17 I believe.. we already have the 21 and the 19 i'll pay 100 dollars for it .. name your price at least do a North map.. like Hanoi and all the surrounding areas.. plus Yankee Station..
  8. Is the F18 we have in DCS able to fight in todays environment in real life?
  9. He is the same guy who vetoed 30 round magazines for the M16 back in the early 60's due to 'cost'
  10. this is why I am thinking of just going for the 109 if people are so butt hurt about the MW50... seems they cant handle a long nose?
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