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  1. SOLVED: As I thought. There where some leftover LUA files in another DCS directory, where old X and Y position where defined from my 2 year old multi monitor setup. So basicly the window was located way off somewhere.
  2. I have manually created that .TXT file and that got rid of the log-error. But still no pop-up How was it again, that I check Write Permission? Right clicking and such? (I´m on my MacPro out of house right now). When I get back to the sim-computer I will also try and rename the Saved Games DCS folder, and create a new one. I used to run DCS with multi monitor, and I already had a previous Scratchpad installation, so maybe it has moved position (X-Y) from that old setting. Even though I overwrote everything when installing second time. Maybe the X-Y is hidden somewhere else. This will be solved with renaming of the Saved Games DCS folder, and DCS will create a new one. Will report back...
  3. In the past I have done some Windows 10 tweaking guides. Disabling a lot of stuff. Would there be any windows background process that is needed for this thing to pop up?
  4. Found a Scratchpad log file. This is its content: [14:59:01] Loading config file... [14:59:01] Configuration exists... [14:59:01] C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Scratchpad\. [14:59:01] C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Scratchpad\.. [14:59:01] creating page C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Scratchpad\0000.txt [14:59:01] Creating Scratchpad window hidden... [14:59:01] loading page C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Scratchpad\0000.txt [14:59:01] Error reading file: C:\Users\User\Saved Games\DCS\Scratchpad\0000.txt [14:59:01] Scratchpad Window created
  5. Did a REPAIR and CLEAN. Installed again. But nothing. Hmmm...
  6. Yes. Installed in the apropiate Scripts folder. I tried going into the .LUA file and changing the Hotkey, but still no popup. I just have a feeling that some mod of mine or something messes with it. Because noone else has this problem. When I installed I noticed I had an old copy of the Scratchpad in the Scripts directory. Of course I replaced it. But could there be old position (X,Y) defined somewhere else in another file? I used to run 5 monitors back in the day. Just thinking the windows may be offide somewhere. But I have tried to write after pressing CTRL+SHIFT+X but the keyboard just activated shortcuts in the cockpit, so I guess the window is not highlighted somewhere off screen. Gonna try and do a repair and reinstall the mod...
  7. I once installed a ReShade mod. Have no clue how to uninstall it. Could this be causing issues with overlaying windows?
  8. I think the basic one. This one: https://github.com/rkusa/dcs-scratchpad
  9. Help with DCS Scratchpad for my VR setup. I´m trying to install it. But when I am in-game I press CTRL+SHIFT+X, nothing happens. The only thing that happens is that the mouse cursor somehow becomes separated. It splits into to two pointers: The blue cross and the white dot. So something happens, but no text edit box. Anyone have any clue? I've tried with FULL SCREEN and WINDOWED. I've tried with VR and 2D. I've tried checking for colliding shortcuts with the CTRL+SHIFT+X
  10. First mission has 1000 local for me. But kneepad and briefing is 0800
  11. I try to change the TPOD laser code in flight. I push the UFC button and get two UFC options :LTDC and LT(something). Then I press one of them, push the code, press enter. The code number flickers, then reverse back to 1688. What am I forgetting?
  12. Fixed my problem, by going into the Uninstall settings in windows, and choosing the program. A box popped up, and I went for the Restore Simshaker Setttings… something like that. And it works again.
  13. I dont have the Spanish language, but I also get some weird Microsoft Flight Simulator error when starting DCS with Simshaker Beta.
  14. I love the sounds of the new Black Shark. And the cockpit probably works much better in VR, as I understand from people. But for me with a 4K monitor and TrackIR, and used to Rikardos Mod, I´m a bit underwhelmed. The texture are too clean for my taste. And too black-blobb-ish. I always loved the Rikardo cockpits for KA-50, and I like them better than the new standard cockpit. Is Rikardo still around? And does anyone know if he's still "working"?
  15. Am I understanding this correctly, that this does ONLY work with DCS running at FULL SCREEN? Us, who run multi monitors for MFDs cannot run in FULL SCREEN, correct? Hence no FPS gains?
  16. The HAT switch works fine and fast. I later did get the 50$ Ministick Switch. And its much better for all aircrafts, but I still use the HAT switch for the Shkval, as it works super.
  17. Anyone else experiencing the PVI800 and flare dispenser red numbers unable to read in the latest patch? Lighting has changed somehow. Probably in latest patch. Any easy fix?
  18. Took off, engaged a couple of F16. Dropped ext. tanks. Went for refuel at Shell. And was able to refuel up to 20.000 lbs. fuel. This is not correct, is it?
  19. Thanks for the tip. But there is no weight chart to show how much the individual missiles and stuff weight, then? Maybe I should make one.
  20. Found some max landing numbers on the forums. But is there an overview on how much the aircraft, missiles, external tanks, LANTIRN and all that weigh? So that I can calculate if I need to dump fuel or not? If not. You guys have any rule of thumb on what fuel quantity to be at for good carrier landings?
  21. Phoenix off the rails, but when is it ok to break away so that TWS looses sight of target? Does the Phoenix go pitbull when loosing connection to my radar?
  22. Don't care about speed indicators. But use engine pitch sound for those fine adjustments. But don't "read" the sound pitch as a gauge, you don't want it to settle at a perfect pitch..... become the sound... become the engine! Never settle with a "perfect" throttle position. Up and down... all the time :) I went from hating refueling to it being some kind of DCS yoga to me. I love it. It's my favortie thing to do in the sim. Event though I´m still average at it. When I tried it in the F14, I was back at square 1. Much harder. But still. Couple of days later, your brain adapts.
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