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  1. Hello, I've just tried with firmwares v2_10_6 XT2 and before that v2_10_05(2) XT2 flashed with VKBDevCfg-C_v0.92.31 and I now can have the trigger up during start up with then working programmed buttons. Hopefully, it works for others, too.
  2. The change from forums.eagle.ru to forum.dcs.world was after the invasion, though, I think. I noticed it on 11th March 2022.
  3. It does work as an only stick but personally I prefer the Gunfighter for anything that needs lots of trim (for me, helicopters and WWII). For jets, I prefer the FSSB.
  4. Nothing for "our" version of the Apache.
  5. "what are your thoughts so far?" Loving it. I really do. It was a first day buy for me and it's great. Now I just have to catch up to it but I'm getting there.
  6. I said: "George finds and lases the jets but either he won't engage them with hellfires (says 'engaging' and then doesn't) or, if he does, they miss the target - badly. Can't get him to engage with guns, either (says 'engaging' w/o shooting)." So I can get him to fire Hellfires but I don't see any steering attempts by the missiles. I have since managed to hit a jet head-on with a Hellfire but as I had gone nose-up to lead it looked like a ballistic hit by pure chance to me. I can't get him to engage with guns. The one gun kill I got since then was also by myself.
  7. I don't have an explanation (other than "it's the firmware") but for me, this problem occurs when the joystick boots up with the flip trigger up. With the flip trigger down, there is no problem (for me). When it started up with the trigger up, I just flip the trigger down and restart the joystick by pulling the USB cable from the black box. Then, the programmed buttons work again. For me, there is no need to reprogram or rewrite configurations or recalibrate, I just have to make sure that the trigger is down on startup. The last firmware I think didn't care about flip trigger up or down on startup was v2_06_8 XT (I think, not sure); I'm running v2_09_5 XT at the moment. (Little disclaimer: I have the MCG Pro, not Ultimate, but I don't think the flip trigger is all that different, so it might be worth a try.)
  8. Should anyone feel inclined, I would like to see 1. MERDC camos, especially Summer Verdant https://cybermodeler.com/armor/m151/m151_profile01.shtml and/or Tropical https://cybermodeler.com/armor/m151/m151_profile03.shtml 2. European One/Charcoal Lizard https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309337/ They may be fictional but I would find them very cool.
  9. That's just legacy markings, please don't open that can of worms again. I didn't start this thread because I want to shoot down the Space Shuttle. My question is that if I come across the then how do I make George actually engage them? He targets them, they present themselves as easy targets. Yes they are being stupid but that's not my problem. George targeting but not engaging them is.
  10. Not really, sounds more like "I don't want you to because I fly jets and now I'm afraid."
  11. Your reading comprehension seems lacking. I would have thought that "Given we won't get ATAS" heavily implies that I'm fully aware that we won't get ATAS. And I didn't even mention AIM-9s. Yes, J-CATCH was an experiment - with *guns*. And though I may not have seen an Apache with AIM-9s (which I didn't mention, btw), I *have* seen Apaches with guns (some may even refer to them as M230). Your experience may differ, of course.
  12. I read on here that you just take Hellfires instead - but has anyone on here managed to shoot down a jet with them? George finds and lases the jets but either he won't engage them with hellfires (says 'engaging' and then doesn't) or, if he does, they miss the target - badly. Can't get him to engage with guns, either (says 'engaging' w/o shooting). Yeahyeah, in real life the jet problem would be taken care of by other jets but given that the blue AI flies about as intelligently as a donut drives a tank it would be nice to be able to defend myself... Was J-CATCH https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J-CATCH just fake news?
  13. What I would like to see is that on the target list right short doesn't dismiss after marking the first target but that the list stays open so you can store/mark several targets for George and he prioritizes targets according to the sequence you marked them. Then dismiss by pressing left short. If you want to delete all stored targets not destroyed, left long. Something along those lines would be nice on that list.
  14. You mean like this? Try if it works in multiplayer. I don't have a solution for it, I just use Marianas always in multiplayer now. If that works for you then at least I'm not alone with this problem anymore hahaha
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