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  1. Either way, the fin isn't as accurate in shape and form as the ones in real life.
  2. Good luck ED! I'm exited for what changes you'll bring!
  3. I'm sure the team is busy and I'm sure some things have taken more than a year to address but I'm just wondering if the 3D model inaccuracies and incompletions will be addressed some day? Also, taking a look at the model I've noticed that the dorsal fin may have some sizing inaccuracies. It is thinner and less prominent than the real fins and not as wide or tall as true to life dorsal fins for the currently existing P-47 are, I notice that the sides of real dorsal fins have an almost curved slope and cover a greater area on the empennage unlike the dorsal fin we have at the moment which just sticks straight up and connects from one point to another. True to life fins: DCS: Much smaller with nearly no slope or curve
  4. I'm getting a message that says "Failed to get authorization data. Error code is: 500 Using saved authorization." and it says I don't own any of my modules and is asking me for license keys does someone know how to fix this?
  5. I've finally had enough time to complete one of my favorite skins! hope you guys enjoy it once its up!!!
  6. yes!!! great skins!! I'm so exited for when these will finally be released!! thank you again!!
  7. Just wondering but will we have to wait til after the mosquito is released to get our fixes and features or will they come with the mosquito? thanks!
  8. so when will we get a stand alone Heat blur module? is that still in consideration?
  9. Thank you! i didnt know this was a thing!
  10. I saw that we got new textures for cockpit and external model for a thing called EDGE, but I'm not sure what that entails, could someone explain what this actually did?
  11. LOL thank you and all good!! the bird floating was pretty cool!!! its very interesting what nature can do!
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