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  1. Delete the shader cache. If that doesn't do it, try a repair. I had the same issue and fixed it, but don't remember which of these that worked for me.
  2. There was a bug once that could get the wing fold handle stuck. Dunno if it was ever fixed, and dunno if that is the case here.
  3. If you have a force sensing stick you can also fiddle with the saturation to make the axis more responsive. It doesn't have to be 1:1. Not so with moving axis though. Personally I never got used to using an extension with the F-16, so i took it of and side mounted my Virpil, which was perfect.
  4. Try a repair to see if that does anything for you. Usually FM changes are mentioned in the changelog, so if there where none mentioned, there probably was no change.
  5. INS is not working correctly. Just stick with GPS when possible. There is already a lengthy thread in here about the issue. search for INS + CCIP.
  6. SIL might keep track memory until timeout, while radar off probably won't. Just guessing.
  7. I didn't look at the mission, but they are probably server restricted.
  8. Yeah, IRL maybe. But INS screws up the bomb fall line which it shouldn't. Another benefit is that you all of a sudden have all your sensors working like they are supposed to. JDAM's will land where you intended, FLIR will point where you intended and so on. So until they fix INS this is a solution. My girlfriend might not like it, but ok. Here is a lengthy thread about the issue:
  9. on the AMPCD select POS/GPS instead of POS/INS if GPS is available. That will fix the problem with the bomb fall line.
  10. There is already a thread about this.
  11. Happens if you lost a track in auto, enter bias mode, fiddle with elevation to search and then aquire a new target. The radar will input some elevation on top of what was already applied by the pilot, which makes the radar go too high or too low.
  12. From time to time here as well. Usually if I've been shot down and the screen goes black, before i respawn.
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