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  1. That's true! I'm absolutely intolerant neither to lack of motion smoothness (reprojection) no to micro stuttering. I think it's because I'm coming from the real world of aviation and looking at the VR headsets like tool which can be used for training. And all of these imperfections lead to breaking of immersion which is crucial during simulation. I'll better will not use it at all than I'll be thinking that I'm in a videogame with a lot of restrictions. That's way I haven't been using simulators much before VR has been released. When the first time Oculus CV1 came out I was shocked how natural flying in the Sim can be. No stupid trackers, no mouse use for looking around. It was freedom and immersion was on top. Even at that time about 5 years ago I think, Oculus already offered ASW for the smoothness of motion. And now Varjo tells us to use the Aero for training with no solution for motion smoothness. what kind of immersion they want to reach? and what kind of simulator should we use? I think I'm hard on Varjo, but I can't understand why they haven't implemented this feature yet. I've got my headset on the 1st of January but still not using it)
  2. Thank you! This instruction helped to get Vsync back and to be honest, I haven't expected that, but it really improved overall experience. Even a DCS with locked 45fps and sync ON (I'm still not sure if it could be set together) shows a somewhat playable experience. I still will prefer HP G2 with reprojections, but DCS in Aero is not that terrible anymore). Even inside of the Varjo Cabin visualization is smoother.
  3. I've got a question. As I can see from my Varjo Base soft, I can be locked to 45, 30 , or Vsync on or off.45 and 30 do not allow to switch Vsync. But anyway everything is acceptable when you are flying up in the skies, but it absolutely terrible if you are low to the ground and turning your head around. Oh by the way, another question. it is very strange but even shooter games like HL Alyx or Onward or Boneworks with very stable 90 fps and low timing according to fpsVR do show shimmering or doubling image like its not 90 fps each eye. Its very pronounce when you're moving your head from left to right and slightly less from up to down. Switching to HP G2 shows absolutely silky smooth picture with the same resolution of 2800*2600 manually set in SteamVR settings. So even for shooters Varjo shows unpleasant experience to me. Can someone please check if he has the same issue with speed of rendering I guess comparing to any other headset?
  4. After the trying of OpenXR in DCS I decided to go back to StemVr with locked 45fps and better experience and reprojections, on my taste. I was usin VR shaders ICpass version, which worked good for me. But I found out that new shaders coudnt be initialized during a first start, it shows some kind of mistake. Does anyone know if it could be something wrong after the using of OpenComposite or it's just current version of DCS OpenBeta doesn\t work any more with VRshaders?
  5. Thank you! So this is bad. That means it's still not usable for me((. Why is everyone doing a lot of things to make it run under the OpenXR if it will not use its main feature - reprojections under the 45 fps. Anyway thank you very much for the update, let's hope that Varjo will make it usable for the sims one day. It is strange though they called it Aero ))
  6. I was away from the sims for a while? now Im getting back. If you please can give me a quick update on Aero. Does it support reprojection now? I was flying in my HP G2 in DCS even I had an Aero. Because of lack of reprojection it was unusable for me.
  7. Gentlemen, I've got a question. Does this method of running Varjo through the hacked/programmed OpenXR make reprojection possible for the Aero?
  8. Я как раз и использую ручку MCG Ultima, также у меня имеется пластиковая MCG Pro. Белый пластиковый элемент является заделкой для крепления ответной части любой ручки от ВКБ. Эту ответную часть я снял с удлинителя ВКБ. Сам контроллер у ВКБ располагается в коробке (black box). От ответной части я пропустил трехжильный провод в канале ручки FFB джойстика который подсоединил к коробочке\/контроллеру от ВКБ, который, в свою очередь, я разместил в большом корпусе FFB джойстикаю Таким образом из корпуса у сеня идет 2 усб провода в компьютер, которые определяются и назначаются на управление, как 2 независимых устройства
  9. Yes, I've tried this? thought it will switch on a motion smoothness somehow)) No luck. Still waiting for support of SteamVR motion smoothness or reprojection
  10. I would like to confirm all of the above, but lack of reprojection makes this headset useless for me and I continue to fly in DCS with HP G2. And also, for me personally, lens distortions are absolutely horrible and unacceptable for the first couple of days. But weirdly enough after 2 or 3 days of using Aero I got used to these distortions, but still think that its not unacceptable for being a mass market product.
  11. Hi! I fixed this distortions with WMR debug tool. You’ll find how to use it above. When you’ve got DCS running with this debug tool window opened. You have to change (both eyes)!from top to bottom it will somehow fix everything. Unfortunately DCS is still unplayable for me because of lack of motion smoothness or reprojection available with Varjo Aero. But what I don’t understand why this is even happening, that everyone has the same problem with Aero. It means Varjo haven’t been trying a DCS compatibilities ((. But why did they even call it Aero. There are not too many Flight simulators out there, and DCS one of the most popular….
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