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  1. First check the trigger button with joy.cpl (or with some DX button testing software), to confirm or exclude a hardware issue.
  2. But customers are from all over the world. UTC is the logical choice.
  3. When I made the thread, those 3 were not listed as "Keyless" in the store page (I even posted a link to the store in June 23rd). I see that they changed this recently.
  4. I forgot to mention: I am using the stand-alone DCS (not Steam version).
  5. Are you sure that applies to MiG-15bis, L-39 and MiG-21bis? It could be the case, but I could not find any mention about this. Also, they are not listed as keyless modules in the shop.
  6. I might need to deactivate my modules (I might upgrade my PC) so I took a look into relevant folders. For instance in: ...\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\bin There should be a Mig21bis_protect.exe executabile, used for activation/deactivation of Starforce modules. It's no longer there. Same for Mig-15bis and L-39C (my two other StarForce modules). I'm on DCS beta I performed a repair. No change. Also, in the game menu, in the module manager, I'm missing the DRM buttons: Have these gone keyless or is this some bug? If it's a bug, how can I fix it?
  7. Yeah, but when you read the initial announcement from December 2017, it does not leave you with the impression that availability will be 2 years later (if not even more).
  8. The brake lever will only work as a button when that grip is used on a Warthog base (similar with the Warthog grip). Also, make sure you get either a MongoosT-50 grip (discontinued now), MongoosT-50 Black Edition RH grip (discontinued now), MongoosT-50CM grip (discontinued now) or any MongoosT-50 LH grip (if you want a left hand one). The MongoosT-50CM2 grip has more buttons than the Warthog base can recognize. Not sure if it partially works (only some buttons) on a Warthog base or not. But what's wrong with your Warthog grip? If that works, you should look into replacing the Warthog base first (with a WarBRD base or with a MongoosT-50 base or with a MongoosT-50CM base), not the Warthog grip.
  9. That is the version of your controller board. It is written on the actual PCB. It has nothing to do with the grip you use. Unless you already changed it, do not mess with that setting. If you did change the PCB version, make sure it corresponds with the version of your actual PCB (take a look at the controller board inside your joystick base).
  10. You did not said in the first post how fast you were going. Was it same speed or slower?
  11. He was not looking for that connector.
  12. You can still use a credit card or PayPal, for regular orders.
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