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  1. I believe what is happening is a bug that we can read more about on the CTLD bug tracker: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-CTLD/issues/68 The gist of it is that this is a problem with Immobile SAM sites that are given a command to move someplace in either the editor or by a script. If a SAM site which cannot move is given a waypoint to move someplace, it will never engage air units or change state to search for enemy contacts and can never arrive at that waypoint to do so either. This is prevalent on the Hoggit server because the SAM sites listed in the OP post are placed via CTLD. CTLD gives a scripting order to immobile HAWK sites to move just a fraction of a meter on placement to address a previous bug where they were not firing. Now, the order to move them is breaking their ability to engage air units due to aforementioned bug. Changing its state to 'Red' in combined arms overrides this behavior as it forces it to prioritize engaging enemy units over moving, but this is not an option for Hoggit as nobody has the credentials to change states on units who are not Game Master.
  2. Hello, I'd like to report the same HAWK site bug a second time. It appears that HAWK sites are still being spawned in the Auto configuration instead of Red configuration, and thus never engage air targets after being spawned. They must be forcefully put into the Red state by someone with CA privileges to engage targets. I tested this with the single player test mission on the Github and CTLD version 20210827.01. Please have a look at it again, thank you. I've already posted a ticket for this issue, it can be found here.
  3. Some of the RPG and AK paratroopers cannot actually stand up after they engage. They will 'run' by sliding along the ground prone or kneeled. Infantry in general in DCS needs a huge re-work. It's hard to enjoy the Hind right now because the role it's supposed to do: Infantry CAS and suppression, it's actually terrible at in DCS because of the awful behavior of AI infantry. They don't all go prone, they march single-file if you tell them to go anywhere, and they get stuck on buildings and trees. When they get engaged, they don't engage back, they simply stand there and take it. Which is fine because they each can take almost 100 bullets of anything short of HE and be at 25-50% health. It really has bummed me out.
  4. You're never going to get anyone to budge on this because all of us use different monitor setups, field of views, and equipment to look around the cockpit of our virtual aircraft, and limiting them may result in serious drawbacks. It also isn't universal for every aircraft. A Hornet Pilot may be restricted to only what his head can turn and see thanks to his harness, but a Huey pilot absolutely can pivot around and look behind him.
  5. I'm going to second the person saying to get the Little Bird mod, it's a ton of fun and it teaches you the fundamentals very quickly.
  6. They do, but they are way. way. way. too accurate. They invalidate the Hind at one of its best roles: Infantry support. RPG soldiers have sniped me out of the air at 1000 meters or greater in the Hind. My last few sorties attacking infantry positions in the Hind almost always end with an RPG shearing off part of my helicopter. Strangely enough, you're usually protected in the Huey thanks to it being a smaller target. The Huey is better at it than the Hind thanks to that. I'm glad they shoot at targets they think they can hit, but the chance of them using an RPG-7 to hit a moving helicopter at any range greater than maybe a hundred meters should be drastically reduced.
  7. Tested it, locking occurs with realistic ASP turned off. I believe it's also a function of having 'experimental features' ticked. But I can't be the only one that prefers it this way. Being able to 'walk' it onto the target is a huge help.
  8. So how did that weekend go? Any update to this issue in the last twenty days?
  9. Is this at night? I am having the same problem at night. Multiplayer door gunners are not engaging, but co-pilot engages just fine.
  10. I gotta agree on textures, the MI-8 goodies pack featuring the roughmetal textures and improved crosshair is a great start, but it needs much more on top of that. I, too, would pay for a graphical upgrade to my second-favorite Helicopter in DCS (first being the Huey).
  11. In regards to "Why not just keep it on all the time", remember that it affects your allies, too. So if you're in the lead of a group, and you turn on jamming; they're getting your jamming as well. Only aircraft that can specify forward/rear jamming like the JF-17 can keep it on constantly. This does not affect the F-18, F-16, etc. But it does affect the F-15C and other FC3 aircraft. It's extremely annoying trying to intercept something just to have some guy not even involved in the fight blind TWS because he didn't turn his jammer off.
  12. That is not the case and I have several replays of ground units clipping into the ground and then destroying themselves by attempting to fire explosives. EDIT: I should warn you though, all of them are 400-500 megabytes in size and happen near or at the end of a 4 or 5 hour play session.
  13. Desync is a HUGE problem for combined arms. Just now I had a TOW humvee clip into the ground and kill itself when it tried to shoot at a target right next to it.
  14. Whew, you guys are getting that far? I got as far as the order saying "waiting for payment", but it won't even prompt me to open a Paypal window to pay it. The site just stops when I click 'pay order'. That's pretty impressive. I've never seen the store crash before, even during the Hornet EA sale.
  15. The Mig-29 does have an SAS system which does require alignment, roughly ~2 minutes after startup, any startup, including after complete shutdown. You can tell because a red light will blink on your annunciator panel which states that it is aligning. When it is almost aligned, it will extinguish and the 'Damper' light on the autopilot panel will start to blink. After that light is solid green, then you're ready to taxi and take off. Without this SAS system, you get about the behavior you're describing as it will have no basis on which to control or trim the aircraft for you. If this happens, the best thing to do is disable the damper and hand-fly the aircraft. To prevent having to align every rearm, simply leave the electrical system on and only shut down the engines to rearm to maintain your previous alignment.
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