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  1. Yep I agree. But since motion smoothing is on by default, the thought was to try the other extreme. You would expect that the blurring would get worse, since they wouldn't have the extra frame in between to help smooth it out. The results of that may help tell what is wrong wouldn't it? If it gets more blurry then the issue is their machines simply cannot produce enough frame to make it non blurry. If it gets better, then maybe one of those luminaries could explain that cause I don't know what that would mean. If it's the same amount of blurriness then they are no closer to figuring it out.
  2. Have you tried disabling motion smoothing in Steam VR to see if the blurring goes away?
  3. Have you tried deleting your shader cache and letting that rebuild? I tend to delete this after each game update and Nvidia driver update. In your DCS saved games folder. Delete everything from the inside the following directories. \fxo\ \metashaders\ \metashaders2\ In your DCS installation folder. In the following directories delete the "dcs" directory. \Mods\terrains\Caucasus\misc\metacache\ \Mods\terrains\Nevada\misc\metacache\ \Mods\terrains\Normandy\misc\metacache\ \Mods\terrains\PersianGulf\misc\metacache\ \Mods\terrains\Syria\misc\metacache\ Start DCS with VR enabled.
  4. If by shaking you mean your FPS is super low and it is like a slide show. I had to install the beta Steam VR and the beta Windows mixed reality in Steam to fix that. Installing the beta's was mention above I see also.
  5. I have a G2 and a 2070 and DCS looks fine. So i would also say it is something in your settings. I did nothing special with my settings after upgrading from the HTC VIVE other than my steam VR settings. I changed the global resolution to be as close as I could get it to 2160x2160. My steam VR DCS settings I left at 100% (so it will stay the same as the global resolution). I also had to go to the beta steam VR and the beta WMR in steam. That wasn't due to it being blurry though, it was like a slideshow only getting 7-12 FPS. I have the latest Nvidia drivers also. Here are some of my settings for comparison. These are the only settings I overrode for DCS specifically.
  6. I've had this happen. There is a key binding to re-center your vr view. That should re-center the view to be looking at the menu again. I don't recall but I may have had to hit that key a few times to get it to re-center to the menu.
  7. Nice. I buy the supercarrier on Steam and 2 days later the discount coupon shows up. :-(
  8. I have an 850W with a nearly identical setup.
  9. No it works. That is just referring to the 1 improvement (marked with the "*") in that list of things, that this mod does, that doesn't work. The rest of the improvements work.
  10. Any update on when we may see this on steam?
  11. Can't play more than an hour without it crashing to desktop. Only tried F14 dcs.zip
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