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  1. Hi Flappie / Rudel_chw Restarting the computer & the game seemed to have solved the problem. Thanks to all trying to help - sorry to have caused the issue
  2. Hi Flappie I am also able to pop up the comm menu - but no voice can be heard - no sound - nobody answering... just Peace & Quiet The NWS button I know does not work in flight anymore - I reported on the issue. Note: When starting HOT - the radio works
  3. Hi Flappie - Thanks for your comment - will attach track later (its a brand new Mission with my Tiger sitting at Beslan - nothing else) However, with DCS Open Beta I also tested official Tutorial for the Tiger F5 Caucasus - the radio does not work there either and the tutorial cannot be continued to start the engines
  4. yep, thanks - canopy open - i've got hundreds of hours on the F5 The bug started with the latest beta
  5. Anybody else? Battery ON - Generators ON - Pumps ON - Radio ON - Radio remains DEAD (ATC & Ground Crew annot be called) No cold start possible... running latest beta / try tutorial (cold start...)
  6. Tango, what is the status of the KAFA? I installed the mod and placed the static object at Tal Siman Base (updated Syria Map) - Landing is possible - ATC gives you no trouble - the FA18 hook slides over the cable but no arresting takes place... The KAFA is a great idea and fine work (thanks to you ) and it looks to me like the only way to safely land the FA18 at Tal Siman. Thanks for a quick reply Harry
  7. Chuck's Manual says: NOTE: while you are in the air, the nose wheel steering button on the stick [key binding: “S”] can also be used as a push-to-talk button. This is a real-life feature of the aircraft. (Thanks Chuck - great manuals ) Unfortunately - after the update of Dec 23 - the nose wheel steering button does not bring up the comm menue anymore when airborne. ([RAlt \] still works) The update of Dec 29 does fix the Mig19 problem - not the Tigers... Thanks HarryDeere41.
  8. Latest openbeta - still an issue - it happens occasionally - brand new missions - restarting DCS fixes the problem
  9. Am I missing something - after the latest beta update, I am unable to find the tabs to select or switch between the two can anybody help? Older missions have the static or dynamic weather - nwe missions only get the static. Thanks for any remarks. HarryDeere41
  10. cool - thanks man - lets wait
  11. Anybody else? After installing 2.7.x the reflections on the HUD not only show part of the dashboard which is not possible - but the reflections are too strong. It is very difficult to spot aiports & runways. Unfortunately the 'Clear Glass Mod 01' does not seem to work anymore. What about adding 2 options to the Main Setup (Tab 'Special') of the Su25T Reflective HUD Clear Glass HUD Thanks for any feedback HarryDeere41
  12. +1 - Rain does not mean near Zero Visibility
  13. +1 (and historical ) - but with real weather data history (at least 24 hours - better 7 days) As real weather data is linked with date & time the user/pilot should for example have the option to fly in daytime - even if his local time (or the local time of the map) is 23:00
  14. "One of the most recognized aircraft in the world, the Consolidated PBY Catalina not only served in the U.S. Navy, but also with the air arms of Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Netherlands and the Soviet Union. The PBY was involved in almost every major operation in World War II, and figured significantly in defeating the U-boat menace in the Atlantic." Would be the first 'flying boat' to DCS Yesterday, it just hit me and I tried to land the new Tank Killer on Lake Genezareth :pilotfly: ... of course I crashed & bured - no sorry, drowned :music_whistling: It would open up a lot of cool things you can do with the Catalina in DCS World - especially in the Marianas! Hope for the Best - Harry https://www.navalaviationmuseum.org/aircraft/pby-5a-catalina
  15. shu77 you are right - (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taftanaz_Military_Airbase "Taftanaz was a home to two squadrons of Mil-8/17 Hip helicopters") - I applied the change Maybe we get a short runway - like 800 m - just for fun :doh:
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