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  1. We had this with jdam/jsow aswell. The SLAM gets reset in Alignment when deselected.
  2. Better take some hours longer and get the Hornet TWS Launchwarning fix in :-)
  3. Will there be a hotfix this week? Im glad you guys fixed the tws guidance but now the hornet gives launch warning for tws shots of the rail instead of going active. So basically still quite useless in a tws pvp environment. Keep on going :-)
  4. Will there still be a fix this week...i mean no new stuff or sth...just fixes. The hornet is borderline unplayable in mp. You have to reroll your Nvidia driver if you wanna play at all and the 120´s in tws still have no midcourse guidance. The F16 DL IFF is also still broken. Can we pls fix this before adding new stuff. That´s all things that were already working and are broken for weeks now.
  5. Same here...no chance to stop him doing whatever he does...plane is useless at that point.
  6. Driver is doing great in xplane, msfs2020 alfa and any other game but DCS.... DCS "its a driver issue"
  7. If that was the biggest problem id be happy. There is still alot of lag, the hornet sa page doesnt work fps wise with the newer nvidia driver, the aim 120 still has no midcourse guidance in tws and so on...
  8. Actually you don´t even have to go to stable. You could always go 2.5.5 and have a decent sim with Jeff enabled. ED should have rerolled to this aswell and give 2.5.6 some more month it apparently needs.
  9. Yeah mp is really a mess atm. Not worth the multiple hundred dollars/euro everyone of us pumped in to it.
  10. How will Jester handle this? Will he use it on its own or are there additional menu points in the wheel?
  11. Due to lag of time i asked Cap if he can do a video on it. I think its on yt now and he made his own thread so you can close this one.
  12. Great News...keep this attention to MP up pls :-)
  13. Idk what you want. People do not stay away from here because of guys reporting stuff. Its because you get bashed by random forum trolls in threads they are not even intended to write in. I give the devs the hind. The rest is theirs to figure if intended or not. Noone asked a random 3rd party dude for their opinion...thats not the point of the reports. Uboats knows what notching is and can easily test it without the help of a random forum dude. There is no need to make tons of vids and files for stuff that can be reproduced without problems. Just because the radar is modern it doesn't neesecarily mean it cant be notched but it ofc might be possible somehow or i might just be wrong...hence im asking them kindly to test it. If they decide not to check it for a missing file so be it...still no reason for the random "dont nerf ma plane" troll to leave his irrelevant comments in the bug section.
  14. Why would i bash the plane i love and fly the most? Stop such accusations...people like you are the reason many guys don´t even bother coming here. Im simply asking the devs if its intended as the radar is quite modern. If you lock a target soft or hard and he goes in a notch (90 degree, below you, even slow)you should loose lock and i never seem to do so. Ans yes im aware you lose lock often...but that´s problems with the groundstabilisation like the guys above me postet and not from notching
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