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  1. Brand new 8 core 11th gen Pentium, 32 gb ram, ssd, gtx2080. WMR Samsung O+ ************ Runs everything including FS2020 on high to Ultimate and Smoooooooooooooooooooooth in BEUTIFUL VR. But not DCS VR. for the super-majority of invested players, VERY poor performance and visuals. It was said today in these forums that most people with settings tweaks get good VR. This is not true. Not at all. That is NOT reality for most at all. Some do, MOST certainly do not. When one LISTENS to online MP and posts and reviews and chatter one sees that most DCS VR players definitely do NOT get good performance or beauty in DCS Vr. Same here. Same going into the 5th year of no hope. Kaleidoscope vision. Dirty Beer goggles. LOWEST settings possible just to achieve the 60fps for the 60hz settings but, and I know that these words have never been heard before, but STUTTERS, stutters, stutters. Now, no more wasted words about ongoing efforts to improve yadda yadda. That is political speak not specific or promising for anything. That is a copy/paste party line for years now and zero results from it. We all know this is not the case. The published ED roadmaps are all about jets and maps and maybe someday the 2018-2019 often discussed vulkan and multicore could happen. As I mentioned in my 2 banned threads as well as today's LOCKED thread, that was 4 years ago. DCS VR does NOT run better today, not even on my new wonder rig. It looks prettier today, that is not performance or optimization. Pretty and a lagfest sucks. It is not worth waiting 4 more years for nothing but worse or same. So, lets all be mature about this and stop misdirecting everyone about rigs, balancing and settings. Turning diehards against those that see may deflect but it solves zilch. Ed needs to listen to those of us VR investors whose wallets have been harder and harder to open these last few years. The updates and patches have NOT been kind to VR. None of us VR flyers have benefitted these last 3 to 4 years patches for pancake players and pretty videos and of not even being on the backburner of any roadmap since prior to 2018. >IF< the future of flight sims is indeed VR as ED admitted in video 3 months ago, then it may not be DCS leading that future as things are right now, if it continues to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the #1 complaint and request of VR INVESTORS. And we here are only the tip of the iceberg. Most have long since thrown in the towel on DCS VR and ragequit. I know of 23 right now who have uninstalled DCS for over 8 months in disgust. I am sure the numbers are not skyrocketing these days the way it would be hoped for. I listen to the community and I am the community. ED needs to listen too. Myself, not one more U$D until DCS VR is fixed and can run like other flight sims are already running on beautiful rigs like mine. If that means no updates for DCS VR for the 5th year in a row on into 2023 then that means no money from me this year. Again. And it ain't just me. And someone at ED surely can see this without me I am sure. Lowest settings are not acceptable. Blaming customers' rigs and settings no longer acceptable or believable. Ignoring that VR is barely functioning going into the 5th year is not acceptable. Focus on payware and not the #1 requested, complained about and MUCH needed VR optimizations in roadmaps 5 years running is not acceptable. Locking threads & CENSORSHIP is not acceptable. Blaming dwindling sales and waning interest in DCS &/or VR on ANYTHING but garbage VR performance and lack of prioritizing optimizing this wonderful but ancient code is no longer acceptable. It simply is not to be believed that VR has not been improved going into year 5 now. How can this be joked about here today? ED will always have a few diehards that will turn on anyone who dares to disagree with the party line and talking points. For ED's sake, I hope they have enough $$ to keep DCS fed and clothed while everyone else continues to read the writing on the wall and throw in the towel. I don't want to at all, but I already just reinstalled after a 9 month break from this nonsence. Thought I would try again on a brand new rig. But it AIN'T the rigs that ruins this. It is not the players either. ED, DCS VR performance is not acceptable. Not for years now. Most say this yet nothing makes it better or puts it on the stove. Since it ain't on the stove for ED, Ed is off the stove with me again. And more and more are abandoning ship. IF ED wants to RECLAIM its share of the established market that had enough and bailed then they need to TURN FOCUS finally to the #1 requested and complained about thing in VR and that is fixing the extremely poor performance and visuals. If you all cannot hear this after multitudes of people saying it going into year 5 of VERY poor VR for the majority, then there is no hope for years 6-10. Sure hope you turn things around ED. Can lead a horse to water, but you can't force them to listen to the investors and optimize the decades old code for today's multicore PC's. I sure hope there comes along some good horse whisperer to drive this home. I sure like a happy ending. We all want to LOVE LOVE LOVE this sim.
  2. I thank you for the orange background help. That was seriously frustrating!☺ The first response to it spoke volumes, my response was generous and entertaining and there we have a proper thread hijacked once again by emotionalism and projecting. As to my rig, which has not been the problem for 20 years of Flanker through to DCS as my rigs always exceed the specs from on PC to the next, it is: 11th gen Pentium, 8 core, 32GB memory, 2080GTX on SSD. The problem is not rigs it is ancient single core restricted code. Took years of forum abuse to establish that, I do not know why. I appreciate the help but it is not my settings. Lowest of the low at 60hz. Horrible to look upon. From Flanker on up this engine has always been overkill for even high systems of their day. None of those cries and pleas for help solved anything back then, and as such the sim entered a new phase more demanding than the last. That is the honest history for 2 decades. That's why I have been so worried these last 5 years of being patient and in the dark. As far as patient, entering the 5th year now. This time for VR. That is patient. The VERY definition of patient. Supremely patient. As one yearly roadmap after another comes and goes away focused only on payware and snazzy sales videos and trying to complete the standing paywares from years past. That's simple history to those who have been around. I have been for decades now. The greatest enemy of DCS is the poor performance. Not the lack of aircraft or maps. Not the lack of patience of investing customers. Not the rigs or the settings. That statement holds true for all previous incarnations back to Flanker, as it is the same base code per past revelations on these forums. I don't disbelieve that and see no reason to. My letter is honest and is the pulse of online DCS VR even as current as today's discussions in matches and as old as DCS VR itself. The cure comes only from ED. The hope is this month, this year. If I cannot fly in VR what I already own on such a powerful rig that runs everything else flatout, then there is zero desire to throw more money at problems that refuse to be addressed in a timely manor. 5 years is not a timely manor. Especially while everything was all about new aircraft and addons. I am not emotional, wrong or dramatic for pointing out the obvious. Just facts. No cussing or meanness. This is not a vent, not just another ragequit by someone burned out on waiting for the right priority to be recognized. If this is taken as insult non was provided, these are the wasy it has always been here. Those ways are broken and costing ED income and growth. Not the customers faults for not waiting enough years in a row. And blame fixes nothing and does not increase sales or VR performance. The goal is that we hear about and get to experience some reward for our years of patience waiting while most other ED wants and needs were focused on instead of fixing VR. That is not evil, not mean, not disrespectful and not wrong to post. And I am not asking will this pretty please be the year VR gets fixed please please please. I am expecting it if I am ever to spend another U$D here. So far the answer has been a firm no. Make it yes. Make it YES YES YES!
  3. Although I do respectfully sympathize with your struggle, I do wonder if my post about DCS VR optimization was the perfect venue for you come out of the closet about this reading disorder limitation you speak of? Regardless, admitting you have the problem is the first big step. There is a big world out there with cereal boxes, instruction booklets and fun articles awaiting you to conquer them. I encourage you to seek the help you need and work your way through your issues. Just like the sound barrier was broken by brave men, you too will break the 2 sentence barrier limitations I am sure of it, Good Luck friend, you have a community rooting for you now!
  4. 2018 was the last real VR update scheduled with its hoped for 50% performance increases. That's 4 years past. Not too long ago a few brilliant modders invested a few weekends into the INCREDIBLE VR shader mods. The community response was legendary HERO status and thankful respect. Very well deserved too. Ed, why not try to build upon some of their hard work? 2022 and the chief most talked about VR topics are STILL these last 4 years of stutter-fests, lags, CTD's, VR blindness from blurries, the lingering inability of most sim-investors to even run DCS well in VR on settings above bare minimum. The #1 talked about topic, the #1 complaint 4 years in a row. Obviusly, it doesn't matter how new or awesome an aircraft is if you cannot fly it well in VR like all us VR junkies are still waiting patiently for. We all remember reading about the roadmap interest in multicore, vulkan and a mention of VR back in 2018-2019. But we are ALL still waiting. Nothing is running any better in VR today than it did from way back then. I myself am entering my second year not investing further into DCS until my 11gen Pentium/GTX2080 can run DCS in VR properly. Why pour money into payware that will not run well in VR again this year? This is honest and respectful. The community respects that you have a business to run Ed, and a bottom line to make. Believe it or not, we want ED to be RICH too! But the payware has to be able to run in VR for those of us who years ago left pancake flight behind to be addicted to VR. Enter 2022 and there remains a VERY vocal dissatisfaction with VR's unfinished and broken backbone that is undeniable and growing impossible to ignore. Censoring us here does not quite the roar in MP, videos, reviews, articles et al. Ideally, maybe bump some of the all important payware and give us VR paying customers the desire to play, the reason to return in force and to want to continue to invest our money into this wonderful & addictive sim. Ed wants sales, and VR players want to be able to fly without nausea, and on settings high enough to be able to tell a tree from a tank beyond ½ mile out. The pressure should not be on customers to invest in super computers or to surf more hours than flying for fps tweaks. The problem is not the players or their PC's, the problem is single core constricted code and zero improvments to VR. ED, you said yourselves in video 3 months ago that VR was the future. You are 100% right on the money; BUT ONLY if that VR is playable for most people. You want profits and we want to play and buy more. Only ED can make that happen. We have been patient for 4+ years now. Please reward us this year with results worthy of the long fruitless wait. My apologies for the orange highlights, cannot figure out how to clean them off??☺
  5. Thank you. OK I opened a support ticket. Man, I am totally stumped here. I have searched my brains out and cannot find anything close to what I am experiencing. And I thought i remember a lot of "cannot secure/open pipe" errors many others were having months ago.. Regardless: * When I try to update DCS from 2.5.6 to newest 2.7 I get error message FAILED TO WRITE PIPE : (109) The pipe has been ended Failed to Secure the pipe ........ ... ... .. In order to fix myself I kept the old install of 2.5.6 intact and downloaded DCS 2.7 to another drive. It worked, I liked it BUT it would NOT allow me to use ANY of my paid for content. Same error message every time I tried to activate one of my paid for modules. It will not secure the pipe and crashes... I dunno how long a reply will take for a ticket, but this was my first day off in over 4 weeks... Hoping for the best and soon☺ Thank you friends
  6. Well, failing to get help here I opted to download to a separate drive. Still curious as to how the new 2.7 is without screwing up my tweaked and functioning 2.5.7. So far the download has locked up 3 times over night. It just stops downloading. All other games from Epic & Steam etc download with no issues... Got around 48gb but not willing to sacrifice my day off to letting it ever so slowly download until tomorrow again. It should actually work and not have to be babysat? Any tips are welcome. Just want to play without investing more time into getting things set up and playable than actually spent playing. I mean, it took hundreds of forum hours and Youtube videos just to get my 2.5.7 tweaked and running smooth in VR over the last year +..... Life should be a little easier than this☺ Somebody please help get me up and bragging instead of seeking rescue from the latest fumble please☺
  7. Thank you. I had found that in my search too. Problem is that I do not fully understand what they are saying to do. I know only just enough to be dangerous or confused at times LOL. What I have is a SSD called H:Fly that I have all my flight sims on. I was trying to put 2.7 on while keeping my 2.5.7 intact, just encase I don't like 2.7 Is there any way please to do this? I used to have dual installs, a 2.5 and a separate 2.7 on the same drive with no problems. Somehow things are different with 2.7 or I jut forgot something?☺
  8. That's what I get when I try to install the new 2.7. Like 50 times in a row since the update released..... Not engendering a willingness to 'tape over' my existing perfect 2.5.7 install.☺ I kept 2.5 since it works well, and do NOT want it screwed up by 2.7 if the new 2.7 is the usual cluster of an update that runs worse and more full of bugs than 2.5. Just guessing based on 14 years of experience with Ed 'updates' ☺ So, with that said, now what? I waited a few months to see if they would fix it on their own and hoping the reviews of the 2.7 would show some increase in framerates. Nope, but being the curious sort I wanted to see what they put into 2.7 instead of the massively requested upgrades to increase framerates like Vulkan etc... So, not this year yet once again. But, I would like to see way 2.7 is all about please, without erasing/hosing my functioning and well balanced 2.5.7 ..... Which has taken years to tweak and balance☺ Any help Please☺? This is the log after each failed try: 00000.073 --- Log file: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\autoupdate_templog.txt 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2021-05-28 22:06:07 00000.042 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.19041; Win64; en-US) 00000.042 INFO : cmdline: "H:\DCSnew\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" update 00000.052 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.069 INFO : basedir: H:\DCSnew\DCS World OpenBeta 00000.069 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00000.074 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD) 00000.074 INFO : branch: openbeta 00000.075 STATUS: Checking for updates... 00001.161 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00001.484 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00001.486 STATUS: Downloading new updater... 00004.367 === Log closed. 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2021-05-28 22:06:17 00000.018 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.19041; Win64; en-US) 00000.018 INFO : src-id: 21b5e65c9a14074710f7a62e66e5bb6cca2afe2f, lib-id: bf64e300edca29ae7ef5ba1d4db27e53a1213fa2 00000.018 INFO : cmdline: "H:\DCSnew\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --waitpid 9828 post_selfupdate C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\DCS_updater.exe update 00000.085 STATUS: Waiting for parent process to exit... 00000.086 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.090 STATUS: Successfully updated to 00002.035 INFO : basedir: H:\DCSnew\DCS World OpenBeta 00002.036 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00002.038 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD) 00002.038 INFO : branch: openbeta 00002.040 STATUS: Checking for updates... 00002.506 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00002.704 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00002.707 STATUS: Waiting for operation to complete... 00005.500 STATUS: Failed to write pipe: (109) The pipe has been ended. 00265.536 === Log closed.
  9. THANK YOU☺! I was wondering if it had to do with horizon angle, but am so used to the older fighter jets just having the delineations hash-marked on the canopy that I could not accept one physically modeled and suspended from between the wings like that. The link really helped too. ☺
  10. Not knowing what the heck it is, or how to describe it or what its function could possibly be I can find no smart way to ask what the heck it is☺ When you are sitting in the cockpit and you look left there is that odd "Astric" looking thing on a stick protruding from the spar between those left-hand wings... WTH is it and what does it do please☺? I mean, why on the left and not the right, and why wouldn't they even mention the most oddball feature in the tutorials☺? Thank you ahead of time.
  11. Thank you☺. Just took a look around it in Notepad 2. Looks like an interesting thing to try and decipher some day. Well, it is a start. I will do some searches and see what the basics are. You have set me in motion in the right direction. Thank you for your answer☺
  12. First: I LOVE this JET!!! My opinion, this is the BEST DCS aircraft. Bar none. They should take lessons from your team.☺ And 100% FrameRate FRIENDLY! Better framerates than ANY other newer ED aircraft. Just say'n☺. OK, now that that's dealt with properly: When I had the free trial I think it was the F4 key gave me a nice closeup of my jet -Looking back behind the jet. I bound it to my Warthog for watching bombs decimate their targets. VERY Epic☺! But now that I purchased this finest of DCS aircraft the look back key [F4] only sits behind the jet looking forward. That's not looking back as labeled. Moving the view per mouse it does not stay at all and once off the view and back it is simply looking forward over the jet's shoulder instead of looking back as it is named. Can someone please point me to where I can find the answer to getting that cool looking back view back please? I am going bonkers trying to find where to do this seeing as the F4 look back view key doesn't look back☺. Thank you!
  13. Let me try something here and see if it fly's☺: Instead of the answer always being that we investors must yearly upgrade to newer $$$ equipment to stay ahead of the ED engine nerfing 'updates'... And Instead of every year ED making it clear that over 90% of their efforts are going towards Payware instead of optimizing DCS, or instead of completing aircraft that have been in 'early access' comas [some for over 18 months].. Then Would not the smart thing to be for us investors to simply close our wallets and declare, "Hey ED, love the sim. But no more cashflow until the hundred$ each of us have invested into aircraft since 2017 actually are finished and polished in an updated sim engine. " Argument: Those new to DCS are immediately introduced to: Looks beautiful. Is very expensive. Most experience stutters and low fps. Must have a very pricey rig to hope for ANY fair performance. ED updates nearly always hose performance. ED is famous for releasing unfinished aircraft that are almost never finished. BUT WHAT IF....... What if the opposite of what I just wrote was true instead? Imagine how much $$ ED would make if those new and old to DCS heard: DCS runs FANTASTIC even on medium rigs. DCS aircraft are affordable, awesome and professionally well done and smooth running. There were stutter issues for 2 decades but those days are gone forever since ED optimized and included Vulkan.... DCS can't be beat for customer satisfaction. Hey, if more than one person said it then it would have more weight and might actually have a chance of happening within the lifespans of us and our children☺! All that needs doing is that customers make it clear they want more efforts into finishing, fixing, real-updates and optimizations -BEFORE- any more cashgrabs.
  14. ******************** Thank you. To answer you I have previously posted my RTX2080, Ryzen 5, SSD but then all you get is a slew of guessers offering I should update. If those guesses held merit then my included and often repeated information that I can fly all FC3 aircraft, Harrier, F5 etc without these issues really does supply the need for me not to have to chase the usual 20 "must be your system/specs guesswork", which seeing as I fly all other aircraft well, then no it is not my specs. You see, I thank you for your kind answer. You cared and you tried and I appreciate this.Didn't help me, but now I know a few more things for all my efforts here☺. Now from my perspective: I post "Does anyone have any info on, Know any good mods or tweaks for etc?" Simple question. But.. To this I get over a dozen people guessing, hijacking my question thread into a specs circular argument. numbnuts declaring they have no similar issues, as if I asked anything that rhymes with any of that; therefor it must be me all crazy,and lastly dummies who throw down because how dare anyone dissent their DCS gods as imperfect? You know, it gets really old guys. Tighten up and grow up. Honestly, I asked a simply question. About a dozen showed they did not have the reading comprehension of a fifth grader, many more took my question away and derailed it for specs and personal affronts.... Not a lot of intelligence or good character on display here.☺ So, here we are. A few good men read with comprehension, a few cared to offer help. Thank you. To the rest of you with sore widdle tummies, you are the problem with these forums. Nobody needs your guesses, attacks, or hijackings. If you don't have a clue then avoiding advertising said cluelessness makes you look a little better. That's really good advise not to mistreat others as you majority have. You are welcome. Still waiting after about 2 years for ED to COMPLETE the Yak and fix the bugs. I am hoping that some kind MODDER out there takes the afternoon to FIX what ED should have almost 2 years ago. Hint-Hint ☺
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