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  1. if I want to be rude I would say "your age" I get the meme, I know it's somewhat funny - but how many times you put/interact/see cows on servers/missions there are tons of more important stuff
  2. a lot of things are not-working/broken/broken-again/going to be broken new modules are in EA old modules are in EA promises that are not (yet) fullfiled but yes - we need flying cows guys... like... come on... ask yourself what is priority in this game
  3. Hello, F/A-18 got a key (called "Throttle Finger Lift (Both) - UP/DOWN") which will enable AB only if it's pressed. In F-16 we have only toggle key (called "Cycle Afterburner Deten - ON/OFF") which cycle enable/disable AB. I in the middle of the fight I usually don't know if it's enable or disabled so I need to cycle both throttle and AB detent switch. Would be nice to have that option from F/A-18 in F-16.
  4. Would be nice to have an options to set unlimited fuel for tankers (or by LUA scripts) This would be great for MP sessions when there's a lot of people draining them. Any chance?
  5. Hey, I would like to have an option in ME, that could send a message to the unit that used an F10 radio menu. But only to that unit. On multiplayer missions, we are spammed by messages because they are send to everyone. I think it could work like this: Trigger - switched condition (or once) Condition - flag value that is corresponding to added radio menu Action - "Message to caller/initiator"
  6. Channel Map and Syria got it and those were made by new SDK so probably not a bug but feature But it's very hard to read the map
  7. The new forest overlay (solid green) for Syria and Channel Map is making maps unreadable because it covers the terrain isolines. Could we have an option to make it transparent like on Caucas map? Making missions with that solid overlay is very painfull.
  8. Some (many/most) NATOPS options/procedures/functions are not applicable for DCS so use the manual that comes with the module - it's in the module files.
  9. Hello, can we have the same option in F-16 for afterburnet detent like in F-18? F-18 - holding a switch (zero for keyboard keybind) lifts up the detent F-16 - we can just cycle the detent Is there a way I can add my own keybind for this?
  10. You mean, when you are in CCRP and you slew the TPOD, the steerpoint moves aswell?
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