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  1. Dear all, Thanks for this great mod ! Love what it adds in terms of immersion. However, I have noticed a size problem when playing around with the FCLP lights box. While width is alright, it is significantly shorter than the carrier's landing area, coming at 500ft instead of ~775ft. So, I then did some quick Google Maps measuring, and on all Naval Air Stations with an FCLP box that I checked, it was a lot longer than the one in-game : they were all ~236m long. That equates to ~775ft, which also matches the length of DCS's carriers landing area. Here are some images to illustrate : NAS Pensacola's runway 7L's FCLP box : Naval Equipment Mod superimposed on top of DCS : Supercarrier Correcting this would be a huge plus ! And, while I'm at it, adding the FCLP box textures, so we don't just have lights, would be awesome. Thanks again for your time !
  2. You're right. I use joystick gremlin for that kind of stuff (toggles in DCS are a massive pain), although I haven't edited my profile for my WH's speedbrakes switch yet. However, it is probably much easier and better for everyone if the devs added these directly into the mod - only for the most useful switches, of course. I would argue that the speedbrakes, the master arm, the master lights, the gear and hook, the launch bar... are good candidates. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's just a matter of editing the default.lua file, right ? I remember editing the F18's one to add a master arm ON else OFF command, then getting it wiped after an update... pushing me to setup joystick gremlin. Avoiding that kind of hassle would be great, IMHO.
  3. Hey everyone ! Tried out the mod a bit the last few days, I really love it ! Dear devs, thank you for making everyone enjoy your passionate work. Now, I haven't seen these here yet, so let me share some delivery tables which should greatly help to do some old-school bombing practice. They should especially come in handy until CCIP is fully modeled (AFAIK, it isn't yet done for the rockets and gun). I saw someone earlier in this thread speak about HOTAS-specific keybinds, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add some of them for the speedbrakes switch ? Right now, there are 3 different callbacks (AFT/CENTER/FWD), but if you have a speedbrake switch which mimics the real one (like on the Warthog, Cougar, Winwing...), you can't correctly bind the center position. Some switches, like the master arm, could also benefit from this ; having a ON ELSE OFF master arm bind, like in some other modules, would make toggle switch binding so much easier.
  4. Up and +1. A hotfix is necessary. Many servers don't use the in-game ATC for a variety of reasons, ranging from having human controllers to just not bothering with that old rusty AI tower. This is quite a big problem.
  5. Hello, I was making a flight in MP with someone to teach them a bit about A/G basics in the Hornet. When he tried to drop a GBU-12 on a target (Mode AUTO, EFUZ INST, DRAG FF, Code 1682), he had his LTD/R armed while I didn't. He immediately froze when he reached the drop cue. I didn't (probably because I had my LTD/R on SAFE) and continued. Later on, I dropped a GBU-12 on a different target (same parameters as before, but code 1788), this time with LTD/R on ARM so I could lase it myself. When the bomb was about to drop, my game immediately froze with no hope of recovery. I had to force-quit it. Tracks and crash logs of both my wingman and I are linked here. We were both running the latest OB (
  6. Hello all ! I'm about to get a Streamdeck, and so I started searching for solutions to integrate it with DCS. Being a fan of the cat and having not found a corresponding script in the DCS-ExportScripts Github repo, I'm glad you guys worked on it... I might not know much about programming or DCS modding, but if I can be of any help, please let me know. I'm impatient to try all of this out
  7. Hello, While the new forum looks amazing and feels like a much needed upgrade, it seems to have made all old links dead for me. This is, as you can probably guess, extremely inconvenient. Every single link that's structured like this (forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=XXXXXX) and referenced in other threads, websites, old discussions with friends, etc. is gone - at least for me - redirecting to this error : When can we expect a fix ? Thank you very much.
  8. Man, yes, +1. At the very least, please give us threat circles and some more SADL features !
  9. Hello everyone ! So I was looking at the screenshots of the upcoming Supercarrier module in the newsletter, when something catched my eye on the CVN-71 model : What the hell ? How am I supposed to know when to add power if I can't see this crucial indication ? Literally unplayable. /s Jokes and sarcasm aside, the IRL picture is also from the CVN-71. It would be nice to see this added to its in-game twin.
  10. Fantastic ! Thank you for your work and commitment to this module. We all can't wait to get it in our hands !
  11. Thanks for the reply ! So we can expect a SRS update right when the cat comes out, I guess ?
  12. Hi. I think I remember that a while ago, Heatblur announced that they would collaborate with Ciribob to integrate the Tomcat with SRS, so the hot/cold mic, or the transmition on both radios would work from the cockpit. Is that still a thing ?
  13. Heatblur has stated that the multicrew will be available from day one of Early Access. The only reason why YouTubers haven't been able to do multicrew is the unfinished RIO cockpit. However, since it has been finished recently IIRC, I think you can expect multicrew videos to come soon.
  14. Hol' up. That's awesome. Where did they say that ?
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