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    Started with Flanker 2.0 in the early days. Enjoying getting back into DCS 2.5
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  1. Runway lights in ATC Menu and ME please. A request made many times over the years. Menu item to ask ATC to turn on or off lighting regardless of the time of day and lighting condition's. ME option to set a particular airfield or global airfields on lighting on or off. Thanks for reading
  2. Having trouble getting this to work as no flight spawn when requested. Could somebody post a simple example mission so I can see how it works and where I'm going wrong please? EDIT: Ive got this working thanks. DO_TAKEOFF DO_RP DO_SWEEP DO_TARGET DP_TARCAP DO_SEAD DO_RECON DO_LASE;xxxx DO_ATTACK DO_TARGET DO_STRIKE
  3. I realise this is a very old post but I was wandering if anyone knows if these beautiful Helipads by DrummerNL were ever released? They are some of the best I've seen.
  4. I have both versions, that's how I made the comparison video above. All DCS sound files have been locked away for a while now. You can only replace them with your own. Thanks for your help
  5. I'm on about the default stock sound with no mods. I've yet to find a mod that had a typical double boom and was very pleased when it came with the stock sounds of the 2.7.9 update at the end of last year but sadly removed in a following update. “All aircraft generate two cones, at the nose and at the tail. They are usually of similar strength and the time interval between the two as they reach the ground is primarily dependent on the size of the aircraft and its altitude.” A quick comparison video just to show what I'm talking about. . . Love the previous double sonic boom.
  6. I dont' think so? Unless thats a stock sounnd from
  7. I much prefer the double boom that came with the update. The current sonic boom sounds smooth and blended but its only a single boom which is ok but we have lost the double boom that sounded beautiful especially at a distance. I want it back. Growling Sidewinder documented the double boom nicely in his Audio Update video. https://youtu.be/vWggV3kWr-w
  8. Really enjoying this helicopter
  9. I've just discovered this amazing mod by Redk0d that currently gives partly clickable cockpits for the Su-27, J-11A and Su-33. Just posting this link here for those of you that may have missed it. SU-27 and J-11A CLICKABLE (partially) (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  10. You may get some help from the guys in the user mods forms.
  11. Use X-56 C-Stick as CMS help? Hi, I've been trying to set up my C-Stick to be used as a hat switch to mimic the countermeasures switch by using bands but all my efforts have failed so far. First of all can this be done? If so could somebody help me with an idiots guide please? Thanks guys
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